Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Black Paint Skincare Launch @ AEON One Utama

Black Paint : The essential Black Paint products for basic skincare

Black Paint is not paint. It is soap. It is not ordinary soap. It is a revolutionary soap for cleansing pores. Its effectiveness can be seen when blackheads are pushed out from pores by massaging the face with Black Paint. But have to cover your face BLACK!

Black Paint Pore Washing Soap

The top Japanese skin care brand is making its way into Malaysian shores with the opening of its flagship counter in AEON One Utama in March 2015. During the launch, Black Paint founder and President Miyuki Maeda herself came to present the goodness of the product

What attracts me is the black soap that contains 27 types of plant oil all packed in a bar. All products have no artificial preservatives or emulsifiers. It has no alcohol content and certified halal. All oils and organic ingredients have been approved by reputable organic certification in Germany and France.

The way of using this soap is quite unique, which requires the soap to be dipped 40 seconds into warm water until the surface is as soft as butter to release the essential oils, silk and honey. After applying, face is massaged for 20 seconds to push out the black heads. After rinsing it off, no other cleansing is required as the soap is able to even clean make up off the face. Accompanying this revolutionary soap is the Best Water for nourishing, Oil Rose Water for pore tightening and Water-derived cream to protect the skin.

Black Paint : Founder Miyuki Maeda sharing her beliefs on Black Paint

Black Paint : Live Demonstration of How to Use the Black Paint

Black Paint : Presenting Black Paint Products

Black Paint : Hair Care Range

Black Paint : Essential Oils for Body Treatment

Black Paint is a 7-time Winner of Grand Gold Medal of Monde Selection Award under the Cosmetics and Toiletries category in Japan. The company strongly cares for people’s healthy skin. Black Paint believes in using natural minerals to support the skin’s self-healing. Black Pain offers a new holistic approach to healthy beauty through the body’s natural healing power. Other than skincare, Black Paint also offers hair care, body treatment and men’s skincare range.

Black Paint is available in Mid Valley, AEON Shopping Center Bukit Tinggi, Ipoh Station 18 and Bandaraya Melaka.

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