Friday, September 18, 2015

Benefits of Shopee Vs Instagram

Sometimes when I am browsing through some online shops on Instagram and found something that I like, I hate the fact that I have to contact the personal personally via another app just to inquire about the product. I am not sure about you but that's definitely a hassle for me, switching between apps. That's why I have stopped Instagram-shopping and started Shopee-shopping instead. Will share with you guys more on the benefit of shopping on Shopee as compared to Instagram. Scroll down for more. ;)

my new selling & buying mobile app

What's Shopee ? It's your new mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. Their in-app functions give me all the privacy I need with the chatroom function. Plus, Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ships only after the buyer has paid, and the payment will only be transferred to seller after buyer receives the product. So it's pretty safe and secure.

Benefits of Selling & Buying on Shopee Vs Instagram

#1. Shopee is FREE for all smartphones user, whether you are Android or iOS user, you can just download from the Play Store/App Store to sell and buy stuff just like that. And Shopee DOES NOT CHARGE in anyway !

#2. The "Chat" function gives all the privacy you need between seller and buyer without exposing personal contact details on comments.

#3. Easy payment gateway. Buyers can make payment via credit cards and online banking without the hassle of driving, parking and getting down the car just to make payment on the machine.

#4. Customer service that is just one call away. You can always contact Shopee customer service for all matters regarding Shopee service whether it's payment or delivery or even product quality. They are here for you.

#5. In Shopee, everything is well organized and categorized, so buyers can find the products easily and not to mention enjoy great deals too.

#6. You can also share your favorite items or even your store with your friends and family on social media. In that way, you can eventually widen your customer base and get more business ! :)

To all my readers, quote "ILOVESHOPEE" at the Shopee marketplace - storewide and enjoy RM 10.00 off your purchase. 

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So don't forget to do download the Shopee app now via here and check out my Shopee store ya ! I will be posting some of my new and pre-loved dresses to sell. Stay tuned ya. :)

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