Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sudio Sweden Klang Earphone

Sudio Sweden is a new brand in town that specialized in the art of earphones making. Their earphones collection are very chic and classy. It comes with multiple colors too like black, white, orange and brown. Since I personally do not fancy funky earphones design or with too much details, so the Sudio Klang is a perfect match for me. And you know how much I like gold color, so how can I resist myself from getting this white Sudio Klang earphones with gold details. It's so pretty and insta-worthy isn't it ?

Sudio Sweden Klang Earphone Review

Anyway, I wasn't only in love with the design and color, but also the crystal clear music that they played.  Now I can listen to music with all the bass. :)

"Making earphones is still an art of craftsmanship. While machines have come a long way, humans still conquer machines. The human eye cannot be fooled and Sudio has chosen to stay with handmade details for the most part of the production process. Call us old-fashioned, we call it craftsmanship."

Visit to find more designs of Sudio earphones. No worries, they ship worldwide and it's 100% safe. Okay, happy shopping, I gotta listen to some music now. :)

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