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KLFW : Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya 2015

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Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya is back for the 3rd year in association with Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015. This time the retail showcase which will be held at Parkamaya 3rd floor of fahrenheit88 from 11 Aug to 31 Aug 2015, featuring 9 up and coming Malaysian designers.

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya, Fahrenheit88
11 Aug to 30 Aug

So the designers that you can expect to see are Soonaru, Nasty Inc, Joey'L, Jimmy Lim, Andy Bandy, Giddy Up, RDKL, Chiyo and Jeeny C. All of them carries a different and unique style which makes me can't wait to see their show in the runway of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2015 Ready to Wear. Well, below are some photos of their collection, enjoy... :)

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Giddy Up 

Giddy Up heels started by 2 ladies who is extremely passionate about heels which are Pamela Chong & Christina Lee. While local shoe masters help to craft the perfect pair of heels, these ladies are here to give the latest shoe trends a twist with their own fusion of colors, shapes and personal expertise in the art of high heels. In their new collection, they have incorporated some "Malaysian" into it with the Golden Durian heels and also Merdeka inspired heels. And I am telling you, their heels are really light and comfy especially the full cork heels, it's so unique and pretty. So for all platform heels lover out there, do check this out !

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Joey'L Fashion Concept

Joey'L fashion is all about your lifestyle and fashion statement. They believe that fashion style empowers you to express your thought, projecting your personality and individuality. Therefore you find a lot of pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to portray your individual style.

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : CHIYO

Isabel Lam, the designer behind CHIYO finds asymmetry and geometry as her core concept in creating each of her collection. Every piece of CHIYO has a certain personal touch to it from being handcrafted, hand-assembled to hand-printed, which adds to the unique aesthetic of CHIYO. Let's get funky and fun with CHIYO's circle, square and triangles ! 

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Nasty Inc.

Nasty Incs was founded by a group of guys who believes in doing things differently, which personifying the anti-heroes of society in their collection. Interesting huh ? :)

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Soonaru

Soonaru, is an ode to loving and living. Combining clean-cut silhouettes with subtle interplay of contradictory textures, Soonaru prides itself in creating long-lasting wardrobe assets while making it comfortable for the dresser. Every collection they have tells a story of the designers traveling experiences because they believe in the power of telling stories and of course, in wearing them. Their Chapter 2 collection is all about Bali, so what's the Chapter 3 about ? Can't wait to find out at KLFWRTW2015. ;)

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : JennyC

"Life is too short to wear boring jewellery". Hence JennyC is here to spice up your outfit with their unique and wearable jewellery. The brand is sourced globally, the penchant for individualistic pieces that are romantic, dainty, chic and a little moody evident in the debut collection. They have variety of jewellery from bright colored stones to pearls and soft pastel design, to amp up your outfit for every occasion.

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Jimmy Lim

Jimmy Lim's creation is all about "play" without restrictions, enabling garments to be mixed and matched by the wearer to build a truly personal style.

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Rare Clothing

It's RARE ! Rare exists to stir up your imagination and, in turn be inspired by you as well. The collection includes pieces that are utilitarian, yet refined; an orchestrated ensemble of headwear, tees, accessories and cut & sew pieces. Let's do the RareVolution. :)

Website :

Fashionably KL Pop-up Stores x Parkamaya : Andy Bandy

The Andy Bandy girl is cool. She loves to dress up, look cool, but doesn't like to blend in with the crowd. So winner of MODA Emerging Designer award from Stylo Mercedes Benz in 2009, Andy Yap gravitates towards volume and big silhouettes, the cocoon shape and the use of fur and fauna print.

Website :

Can't wait to see their new collection which will be featured in KLFWRTW2015 runway ? Check out the KLFWRTW2015 schedule here, so you'll not miss out the amazing show. See you there :)

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