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[review] Hada Labo 5in1 UV Perfect Gel SPF50+ (Essence, Moisturizer, Mask, Makeup Base, Face Primer)

Yay, another all in one product, I just love these! Chickas say hello to the HadaLabo 5in1 UV Perfect Gel. Both your skin and purse will be thanking you for this gel that works as an essence, moisturizer, mask, face primer and makeup base.

Hada Labo 5in1 UV Protection + Hydration Gel
Essence, Moisturizer, Mask, Makeup Base, Face Primer

HadaLabo is Japanese brand of skin care products and was first launched in 2004.What most don’t know however is that HadaLabo is a result of two research companies with a history of 100 years! The Mentholatum Co. (USA) and Rohto Pharmaceuticals Co. (Japan) joined forces to create a brilliant skin care line based on years of thorough research and cutting edge technology.

Let’s start withthe packaging, I was a little disappointed to be honest. For a brand that’s mid to high end I expected something a bit more chic and elegant but I guess what’s inside is more important.The container says the product is a gel, I find the consistency to be more of a lotion though. It is light and absorbs fast with a matte finish yet leaves the skinvery moisturized. So major thumbs up for that because nobody likes a greasy face.

As a moisturizer and face mask I got the same results; matte and soft skin. In terms of using this product as a primer and base, I didn’t see any significant results as a base but I will say in makes for an ok primer.  If you are scratching your head over the difference between primer and base…the next two lines are for you. Primer is for creating a smooth surface to apply your foundation and also to help your make up stay on longer while avoiding creasing. Base on the other hand helps your colored cosmetics such as blush and eyeshadow become more vibrant. Lastly the 5in1 HadaLabo gel is supposed to function as an essence and truthfully speaking I didn’t see its effects.

After a month of using the gel, the overall verdict is a positive one (3/5). It’s a great moisturizer minus an oily finish, so any skin type can use this product. I would also recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin because it’s gentle and fragrance free. For those who love tan or spend much time under the sun, you don’t have to purchase sun screen separately as the HadaLabo 5in1 gel has SPF50+.

Next time you pass by a Hada Labo shelf give the 5in1 gel a thought!


Name : Hada Labo 5in1 UV Perfect Gel
Price : RM 94.90 / $22.31 each
Where to Buy : Leading Pharmacies & Department Stores (eg. Guardian, Watson and etc)
Net Weight : 90g / 3.17oz

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