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Future of Safety with Ford

Ford Communications Manager, Matthew Moran, giving an introduction of the tour 

Answer the following questions honestly- Do you speak on the phone while driving? Without handsfree? Do you text while driving? Do you do your make up while driving? Hopefully, all your answers are NO. How do you rank the importance of safety in driving? Ford has taken the initiative to surface the importance of safety in driving in Malaysia with its special ‘Future of Safety with Ford’ tour. The tour brought forward greater safety awareness, with tips for drivers and a showcase of safety and driver assistant technologies that can aid driver in challenging traffic conditions.

Future of Safety with Ford

Aimed at both vehicle drivers and passengers, the ‘Future of Safety with Ford’ tour showcased at 1 Utama Shopping Center, Petaling Jaya on Thursday and Friday, August 6th and 7th form 10am – 8pm. The safety tour features Ford experts sharing advice on a range of vehicle and driver safety topics with child safety a particular focus.

The tour comprised of 40-minute safety briefings that commence every half an hour. The tour is divided into interactive sessions to help showcase Ford’s innovative safety technologies. Among the participants were also police officers who came to witness the seriousness of commitment by Ford in safety. During the tour, volunteers were requested to experience the drunken person, aged person and pregnant person simulations that are used to design the car for more comfort and safety. I volunteered to be the drunken person. Goggles that produce double vision, weights on the hands and legs that really made me look like I had 5 bottles of wine per worn. I could not walk a straight line! Another male volunteer put on an empathy bag that made him look like he was expecting. Tips for driving safe during pregnancy were shared. Pregnant ladies should wear the seatbelt below the abdomen, across the hips and between the breasts. The aged suit was developed by Ford to simulate partial vision whereas braces and weights to mimic difficulty in movements. It was good to learn that Ford takes realistic human factors into consideration in their automobile design.

For parents, the importance of fitting a child seat in their vehicles is highlighted. Ford cars are also ISOFIX friendly which enables international standard anchorage of childseats in cars. Visitors enjoyed hands-on demonstrations of Ford Sync2 which allows drivers to speak to the car to make a hands-free phone call or to play their favourite song. Adaptive Cuise Control helps drivers to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of them. Another feature, Active City Stop, is designed to mitigate and in certain circumstances, avoid low-speed rear-end collisions. MyKey is an interesting feature that acts like a guardian angel for your young driver at home. It is an industry-first technology that allows vehicle owners to program a key for themselves or beginner drivers that limits top speed, reduces maximum radio volume, disables the radio until the seatbelts are fastened and prevents deactivation of driver assistance technologies. The blind-spot indicator is also available at the side mirrors to alert the driver if there is any vehicle near-by.

Ford : Police officers were invited to witness the seriousness in safety by Ford

Ford : One of the volunteer simulating an intoxicated person

Ford : One of the participants using the empathy belly to simulate a pregnant driver

Ford : ISOFIX friendly car seats that enables international standard buckling of childseats

Ford : Ford facilitator demonstrating the SYNC2

Ford : A volunteer trying Ford’s inflatable safety belt

Ford : Q&A time with participants

Ford : Pete Hardigan, Director of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Asia Pacific, giving a comprehensive presentation on safety with Ford

Ford : Police officers pledging to Drive Safe

One vision that Ford is helping to make a reality is vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication, allowing cars to communicate with each other about driving and traffic conditions even when they are out of sight. The result could be safer roads, improved mobility and reduced emission and fuel consumption. Ford stands by their four pillars to create better automobiles- Drive quality, drive green, drive safe and drive smart.

At the end of the tour, I signed the pledge wall to promise to drive safe to seal the safety deal with Ford.

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