Thursday, August 6, 2015

[review] Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum and Firming Lotion

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It is never too early to start preventing your skin from aging. We need not wait till the skin sags or crow feet to appear to start searching for the right product. Well, for those who did not have a chance to search earlier and freaking out at the prospect of wrinkles deepening, you have come to the right post! Clinelle’s latest CaviarGold range of skin care is dedicated to anti-aging and firming efficiency that will give the face a new lift.

Clinelle CaviarGold Triple-Gold Lifting and Firming Complex

From the moment I received Clinelle CaviarGold (CCG) Firming Serum and Clinelle CaviarGold (CCG) Firming Lotion, I am motivated to put in on every day just because the products really shimmer in gold! When the CCG Firming Serum and Lotion is pumped onto my hand I am enchanted with the 24K gold clearly visible. The CCG Firming Serum feels like a watery gel that is light enough to be quickly absorbed into the skin. The CCG Firming Lotion is a little runnier which also disappears fast from the skin surface when applied. What I like about the products is that they have no artificial fragrance, no artificial colouring, no comedogenic ingredients, no mineral oil, no SD-alcohol and no lanolin. Although without fragrance, I am attracted to the fresh scent of the product, which also makes me look forward to daily application.

Clinelle CaviarGold (left) : 24K gold to boost collagen production; (right) Clinelle CaviarGold Firming Serum shimmers in gold

After applying it for a month, I felt my pores tightened. I noticed some radiance as well whenever I looked in the mirror. It makes my skin glow with or without make-up on. The CCG Firming Lotion is applied first before the CCG Firming Serum. The intensive serum helps reduce fine lines, restore firmness and elasticity. Although I think I might need a longer period of application before the firmness is apparent, I do notice that the elasticity of my skin has improved. Massaged in an upright motion, a V-shaped face can be achieved. The CCG Firming Lotion smoothens, soothes and renews the skin. My skin feels supple every time after application.

The Clinelle CaviarGold Series is empowered by its extravagant Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex:
1. 24K Nano Gold that reduces wrinkles and promotes V-contouring by boosting collagen production
2. Caviar extract known as ‘black gold’ that slows down aging process
3. PhytoGold Extract, a plant extract that whitens and promotes skin regeneration for younger skin

The products are for all skin types. The complete series also includes the Firming Cleanser, Firming Eye Serum and Firming Cream. This is a perfect gift for family and friends too. What is a better present than gold!


Name : Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum
Price : RM 101.70 / $26.16 each
Net Weight : 30ml

Name : Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion
Price : RM 59.30 / $10.99 each
Net Weight : 180ml

Where to Buy : Leading Pharmacies & Department Stores (eg. Guardian, Watson and etc)

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