Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[review] Redken Extreme Length Haircare Range (Shampoo, Conditioner, Primer, Anti-Snap and Sealer)

With my hair growing longer and longer, my haircare routine also has gotten longer, basically with more steps. So today I thought I'll drop you a little update on my current haircare routine. At the moment, I am using the newly launched Redken Extreme Length collection, which is a perfect range for all damaged hair types - just like mine.

Redken Extreme Length Range
with Shampoo, Conditioner, Primer, Anti-Snap and Sealer

Shampoo-wise I'm using the Redken Extreme-Hair Strengthening Shampoo. It works great, cleansing my hair, removing all the bits of greasiness in a wash, but to get that smooth texture, it has to be accompanied with either the Conditioner or Length Primer. The Redken Extreme Hair Straightening Conditioner works like a conditioner where it provides the smooth and shine to the hair. As for the Extreme Length Primer, it's a must have in the Extreme Length range! I have to admit that I tend to reach out for the Length Primer rinse-off treatment more often. The main reason I reached for this stuff because I love how my hair feels after every wash, weightless, soft and smooth !

That's all for my in-shower haircare routine. As for post-wash, I've been using the Extreme Anti-Snap and Extreme Length Sealer. Okay if I have to pick my favourite product among this range, it definitely will be the Extreme Length Sealer ! Why ? Because it made my leave-in application so much easier with the built-in brush (as shown in the image above). I can just squeeze the products out from the tube and brush on my hair directly without getting my hand dirty or messy.  This tube of goodness is only meant for the hair tip targeting the split ends. So don't get too excited with the brush and apply it all the way from your root to tip. ;P

Anyway, too make thing looks a little more pricey.. I meant my hair, I will brush on the Extreme Anti-Snap too. This works great in getting rid of the hair breakage and I would usually apply it from the top to like 2-inches away from the hair tip, leaving the hair tip for Extreme Length Sealer to do its magic. And that rounds up my 5 products haircare routine. How about yours ? 

Here are some photos of the pampering session I had with Redken Extreme Length Haircare range at Toyako Loft Salon Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy... :)

Redken Extreme is available in ALL REDKEN SALON (eg. Toyako Loft Salon Kuala Lumpur, Fahrenheit), so get it now and fix your damaged hair ! :)

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