Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Introducing: Acer Liquid Z and Liquid Jade Z Smartphones & Aspire E Series

One of my first laptops I ever owned was an Acer, so when I found out they were releasing a new line of smartphones I was intrigued. Acer introduces a smartphone line compromising Liquid Jade Z, Liquid Z520, and Liquid Z220 for the stylish user seeking a lightweight smartphone.

Acer Liquid Z and Liquid Jade Z Smartphones & Aspire E Series

The Liquid Jade Z, the Liquid Z520, and the Liquid Z220 played up on its award winning design and textile pattern that features Acer’s Quick Mode which provides users with a customized layout option that is user friendly.

Here’s a quick summery for all three smartphones:

Also, apart from the smartphone collection, Acer has also released a new laptop series Aspire E series with a sophisticated cover design, Acer True Harmony sound technology, and Qualcomm MU | EFX MU-MIMO technology. The laptop series combined with  vibrant colors and premium technology features is a sure must-have for the ultimate stylish techy. The Acer Aspire E Series retails for RM1899 – RM2999.

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