Thursday, June 18, 2015

IDO's Clinic Bloggers Party @ Setiawalk Puchong

Let me share with you a fashion that has never died till today and that existed since the days of our ancestors. It is none other than the clear and fair skin! It has always been well received at anytime of the day and everywhere in the world. Boys and girls both adore great skin. To achieve it, is not impossible. IDO’s Clinic revealed that with technology and quality products the great skin can be yours too.

Key to Great Skin by IDO's Clinic 

Stepping into IDO’s Clinic, I was amazed with the skin and body treatments that they offer. Problems that I thought could never be treated like birthmark and indented scars are solvable here. The party started off with a treasure hunt where participants hunted for products according to the pictures given to them. MEDKARE is one of the products used in the clinic.

Dr. Lucas Chia, Medical Director of IDO’s Clinic then conducted an interactive session where participants were free to raise any issues they had in mind about skin. Dr. Chia and his wife Dr. Joslyn were very receptive of our inquisitive minds. The session was very informative and eye-opening. Some of the questions that arose were:

How to treat opened pores?

Opened pores are due to loss of collagen and skin integrity. We should exfoliate to remove dead skin and use products that contain comedone essence to refine the pores by controlling sebum.

How can pigmentation be removed?

There are 6 types of pigmentation (birthmark, freckles, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma, Nevus of Horis and tattoo). We first have to identify the pigmentation with a qualified consultant. Then a suitable laser is used by medical doctor to treat the area, followed by proper products to heal the skin.

How can stretch marks be removed?

Stretch marks can be categorized into three colours- red stage, skin-coloured stage and white stage. Treat stretch marks at the red stage. If skin coloured, chances are lower and if white coloured stretch marks are almost permanent. Apply a lot of moisturizer to the affected areas or prone areas before the stretch happens.

I then had the chance to be in the treatment room to witness some of the laser treatments demonstrated by Dr. Chia himself. One treatment that attracted me was the Carbon Peel Laser that uses carbon nano-particles to instantly cleanse and brighten the skin. The treated skin was seen to be fairer and suppler. For brides-to-be, this could be the package you are looking for.

Dr. Chia introduced his latest toy, the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) machine. This treatment uses ultrasound to tighten the skin. He then proceeded to show us how the Dysport (better known as Botox) is injected into a patient. One of Dr. Ido’s doctors explained that the injection is a safe procedure and the medical staff in the clinic are trained and certified to carry out the treatments.

Ido's Clinic : Dr Ido’s Clinic uses MEDKARE products

Ido's Clinic : Medical Directors Dr. Chia and his wife Dr. Joslyn

Ido's Clinic : The Dysport injection
Ido's Clinic : The DIY cream only available to Dr. Ido’s customers

The session did not end there as all participants were given the chance to create our own DIY moisturizer after the demonstrations. The DIY moisturizer is only available to IDO’s customers. I adored the DIY station as I get to determine the ingredient in my moisturizer, the smell and even the colour! I concocted a red moisturizer for oily skin which has exfoliating, whitening and soothing properties.

Looking at what technology can do nowadays, we need not worry about ugly scars and marks anymore. I cannot wait for my first treatment at IDO’s Clinic to zap out my scars!

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