Thursday, June 25, 2015

Stay Healthy and Beautiful During Ramadhan with Tips from Guardian

Ramadhan is the time where my Muslim friends fast from sun up till sun down for one whole month. Fasting can be a grueling task, but luckily our friendly at our local pharmacy Guardian Malaysia launched their annual health and beauty campaign to help their customers stay healthy and beautiful throughout Ramadhan.

Ramadhan Tips from Guardian

This year’s theme is “Sihat dan Anggun Sempenda Aidilfitiri”, a campaign to raise awareness and educate customers on how they can maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle during the month-long fast. For today’s post, we’ll be focusing on Guardian’s tips on care with their brand-new release of Boteneco Garden line featuring hair care as well as some skin care products.

Guardian's Haircare Tips

In general, there are three types of hair: the course and voluminous, the wavy and dry, and the fine and limp. For myself, I suffer from wavy and dry hair and I suffer from more bad hair days more to my liking, which always resorts me to tying my hair up all the time. However, with tips from professionals like Peter Wong, he explains how we can tame our hair based on our type.

Guardian's Bodycare Tips

Apart from that, Guardian also released their brand new Les Tentations Mediterraneenes line featuring skin care products such as body lotions with scents like Rose Water (Skin-Lightening and Moisturizing), Grape Seed Oil (Anti-Aging and Moisturizing), and Mimosa Water (Soothing and Moisturizing). So far my personal favorite has to be the Grape Seed Oil and the Mimosa Water because of their subtle and quite relaxing scents.

Guardian’s campaign will start from June 24 – July 21, so head on down to your closest Guardian store as customers will enjoy attractive promotions on selected vitamins, supplements, beauty products, pain relievers, deodorant, perfume, as well as skin and hair care products.

Head down to Guardian now and Stay Healthy & Beautiful During this Ramadhan !

For more information kindly visit:

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