Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[review] ElishaCoy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick

Firstly, I’ve never heard of ElishaCoy at all. And this is my very first product of ElishaCoy’s. To my amazement, I really liked how it blends in with my skin. It is a little sticky though, but later on, you can even forget about ever applying it on your face. Plus, the lipstick is simply stunning. But really, I must thank Natta Cosme for giving me this opportunity to try out the product. They sent me a pink- strawberry like colour that goes very well with my lip colour. The colour is rather natural like and it does not have the sticky texture.

ElishaCoy CC Cream & Vivid Party Magic Lipstick Review

ElishaCoy is another renowned brand in Korea which is known for its co-exist with nature. The brand itself stands for to create youth and contains a message to create youth and healthy skin. ElishaCoy is a high quality cosmetic that helps strengthened the skin with plant- orientated ingredients. It is to save the skin from becoming sensitive and dry due to hazardous environment.

The CC Cream is recommended to all girls who faces problem with uneven skin colour. Girls will no longer have the need to put on thick and heavy makeups. It also contains SPF 30/ PA++. It brings out the natural skin color and helps my skin to feel more hydrated in a way too. Just apply this on and you are ready to go out, perfect for that lazy, no-makeup day.

The lipstick on the other hand, is easy to put on and the colour is very natural and sheer like, but the color is buildable. So just apply a couple more layer and you'll be able to get a more pigmented color. Just to let you know, the lipstick itself comes in 5 interesting and unique colours, as below :

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Name : ElishaCoy Always Nude CC Cream
Price : RM 129 / $44.48 each
Net Weight : 50g

Name : ElishaCoy Vivid Party Magic Lipstick 
Price : NA
Net Weight : 3g

Where to Buy : Natta Cosme (www.nattacosme.com)

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Website : www.elishacoy.com
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Website : www.nattacosme.com
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