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[review] L’OREAL Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Shampoo and Conditioner

Going blonde has its ups and downs, and the biggest downer of bleaching one’s hair is the dryness that comes along with it. One of the struggles I’m pretty sure anyone who has dyed their hair, or suffers from general dryness is looking for the right shampoo and conditioner to combat these nasty side effects. So I decided to give the L’Oreal’s Keratin Smooth 72H range a try.

L’OREAL Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Before we get into the review, here is some information about the Keratin 72H shampoo and conditioner. The new Keratin Smooth 72H smooth range incorporates the latest innovation for salon smooth hair. It contains micro-keratin technology that essentially fills in each micro-hole and smoothens each strand of hair. With this, it will essentially produce 72 hours of salon smooth hair, frizz control, and a silky shine on the hair.

If you are wondering, the range of the Keratin Smooth 72H also includes the Minute Perfecting Mask (Hair Mask) and the Frizz Eraser Leave-In Spray (Frizz Control Spray).

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When I first tried the shampoo, the first thing I noticed was the sweet bubblegum scent it produced. Personally it was a nice surprise because who doesn’t like smelling sweet after showers? After shampooing, I applied the conditioner and proceeded to the standard procedure of hair washing that all of us do on a usual basis.

I noticed my results after my second time using the products, I realized my hair was not only shinier, but it was also more tamed and even somewhat smoother. I was surprised honestly because I thought the L'OREAL Paris Keratin Smooth 72H shampoo + conditioner combo wouldn’t be enough to fix my hair, but I was obviously underestimating this product. I can safely say I’m quite happy with the Keratin Smooth range, it’s definitely on my go-to products for hair dryness.

Good news to all, price of all L'Oréal Paris shampoos and conditioners will remain the same before and after GST implementation. So no worries in paying extra for GST ! 


Name : L'OREAL Paris Keratin Smooth 72H Shampoo and Conditioner
Price : RM 15.90 / $4.40 each (Shampoo) & RM 19.90 / $5.50 (Conditioner)
Where to Buy : Leading Pharmacies & Department Stores (eg. Guardian, Watson and etc)
Net Weight : 330ml (Shampoo) & 330ml (Conditioner)

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