Friday, May 1, 2015

LANEIGE Waterful Sharing Campaign 2015

Laneige has given Water ScienceTM another meaning beyond skincare. In celebration of their latest product, Water Sleeping Mask, Laneige is launching the Waterful Sharing Campaign 2015. Through the campaign, Laneige aims to raise RM60000 to facilitate the installation of rainwater harvesting system at six charity homes. From 1st May to 31st July 2015, RM10 from every jar of Water Sleeping Mask will be contributed to the fund. Here is the chance for beauty and charity at same time.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems to Benefit Six Children’s Homes in Selangor

This initiative is in collaboration with Malaysian Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (MENGO). The rainwater harvesting systems that will be installed will allow the homes to reduce the usage of treated water. Thus, reducing water bill. Rain water will be collected and used for non-drinking purposes such as for flushing toilets, cleaning, washing and watering plants. This system also acts as another water resort during a water crisis.

Last year, the same initiative has helped raise RM35000 which benefited three children’s homes which were Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children and Praise Emmanuel Children Home. This year, the six selected organizations are Rumah K.I.D.S., Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah RACTAR), Rumah Bakti, Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Ehsan Ash-Shakur (PEKEAS) and Rainbow Home.

Laneige has aptly highlighted water as the essence of their product via Waterful Sharing Campaign. The fluid that brings beauty to our skin is the same fluid that needs to be protected in the world over. The campaign creates awareness that something so easily attained at the twist of the tap should be used with care and preserved for life sustainability.

The Water Sleeping Mask will officially go on sale at all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques starting 1st May 2015 at a retail price of RM110. During the campaign period, customers who purchase the Water Sleeping Mask will receive a limited edition Laneige Goodnight Teddy Bear.
For those who cannot wait to try out the product can make their way at the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Pre-launch Roadshow at MidValley Megamall, Lower Ground Center Court on 27th April 2015.

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