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DELL Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop

As you may have seen from my previous post on the Dell InnoLifestyle Bootcamp (here), the Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop is really very portable and easy to use too, perfect for a person who likes to travel. So today I'm going to share with you guys my experience with the Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop. :)

DELL Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop Review : 10 Things I Like

By the name itself, I am sure you'll know that this is not your ordinary desktop because it's an ALL-in-One desktop that comes with a PC, monitor and speakers in a slim design. Isn't it cool ? I am not sure about you but it does sound cool and makes things pretty easy for a person like me who is no where near to a tech-savvy because when something is broken, I do not have to figure out which part to plug and unplug anymore. All I need to do is carry and bring this whole thing to the shop for fixing. Easy-peasy.. :D

Anyway, let me break down on the 10 Things I Like About the Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop.

10 Things I Like about Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop 

#1. The All-in-One, PC, monitor and speakers in slim design feature does make thing pretty easy as I have mentioned earlier.

#2. Next would definitely be it's Portability ! I can easily it carry it along to the poolside or even on the flight to enjoy a "plasma TV"-like HD movie quality with it. :)

#3. The exceptional HD graphics, perfect for video streaming. 

#4. Having it to be a Touch Screen desktop, I can even skip the part of carrying a mouse or even keyboard along wherever I go.

#5. Of all honesty, I was expecting the music to be in the just "okay" range but to my surprise the Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One Desktop plays crispy clear music from built-in Woofer speaker and it can go pretty loud too. Boom Boom Powww.. 

#6. Gesture control comes in handy in cooking or when my hands are tied up because I do not have to physically touch the desktop to flip pages but all I need is just a wave on the camera then it'll go to the next page. Isn't it cool ?

#7. The Dell Inspiron 20 3000 Series All-in-One desktop comes with all the ports I need, like SD Card Reader, three USB 2.0 and a HDMI port. 

#8. Tho it is fully portable, it can also be mounted to the wall, turning it into a plasma TV like desktop.

#9. With normal usage, the battery lifetime can last up to 1 whole day for me and I only need plug in to charge throughout the night, then unplug the next morning and off I go to work with it.

#10. Aside of the techy usage of it, I personally find it great to be used as a workout device to tone my arm in office. I can simply lift it up and down for a quick 5 minutes exercise in my cubicle while working. :P

In this May, there's more to celebrate ! You will receive a free Dell External Optical Drive worth RM221 with every purchase of selected Dell Inspiron Desktops ! So get it now for your Mom as a Mother's Day gift, it's never too late ! 


Name : Dell Inspirton 23 3000 series All-in-One Desktop
Processor : Intel(R) Pentium(R) Processor N3540
Operating System : Windows 8.1 64Bit
Memory : 4GB 1600MHz DDR3L Memory
Hard Drive : 500GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
Weight : 3.10kg (Non-Touch Screen); 3.65kg (Touch Screen)

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