Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[review] ANIGAN Stain Free Period Panty – Stain &Leakproof, Protects Clothing,Sofas, Mattress & Sheets

Dancing with the lady in red, surfing the crimson tide, aunt flo, riding the white horse and the list goes on and on. These are just a few phrases used by women to describe that “time of the month” that isuniversally dreaded byalmost if not all women! I remember constantly having to ask my teacher in high school if I could go to the bathroom to check if everything was ok….to this day sometimes I still make those bathroom checks….Introducing ANIGAN Stain Free Period Panty!

ANIGAN Stain Free Period Panty Review

Stunning Ace Sdn Bhd, is the local company that is responsible for distributing this product. The panties are designed to be stain and leak resistant, breathable and comfortable, easy to wash as well as help you save money from replacing stained clothing and sheets. Now you can sleep worry free.

I know at one point or another, one of you ladies out there has bought a pair heels that was a size smaller than their feet just because they looked too darn cute. ANIGAN offers different designs and sizes for everyone! Their range is from lace to seamless stain free panties.The undies are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex so they feel amazing, are fashionable and very practical. So chickas you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

Having tried ANIGAN Stain Free period panties, at this point I haven’t found any dislike about them (if any I’ll update). If you have a little sister who’s just started their menstrual cycle I would highly recommend this underwear. It’s a stage were one is still trying to get the hang of the changes and they obsess about being embarrassed due to stains; having a pair of stain and leakproof underwear might just be what the young lady needs to boost her confidence !


Name : ANIGAN Stain Free Period Panty
Price : RM 44.95 - RM 93.51 / $12.50 - $26.00 each
Where to Buy : www.anigan.com / www.aniganasia.com

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