Thursday, April 30, 2015

TAP by Seeties - Find sponsorship & get invited to Parties!

Calling all social media junkies who is constantly swiping through Facebook, Blog and Instagram, you are wanted to join the TAP (The Agency Program) and get yourself connected with the coolest brands in town like Avene, KIA, O'Briens, Life Magazine, Royce, Renault, SilkyGirl, Sony Music Entertainment and also Sunway Lagoon !

The Agency Program (TAP) by Seeties
Connecting Facebookers, Bloggers and Instagrammers

TAP (, a special program/ecosystem by Seeties to connect active social media junkies (eg. FBI - Facebookers, Bloggers and Instagrammers) to sponsors, exclusive party invites, product launches and many more. With this, sponsors that are represented by the advertising agencies can engage with you aka FBI agent directly and easily. And the best part is, it's totally FREE to use ! It's open for registration now and the TAP will be launching in mid of May 2015. Scroll down to read more about the perks of joining TAP..

3 Benefits of TAP

  • A platform that provides opportunities to active FBI and agencies who are in the look out for FBI. 
  • For the first time ever, FBI will be getting more perks and opportunities than before as there'll be NO MIDDLEMAN involved. It'll be a direct engagement between agencies and FBI. 
  • You get to maximize your social influence through social media platforms and Seeties. 

How TAP works ?

TAP works in a pretty simple format. Agencies post notice on TAP in search for FBI to be part of the campaigns, events, parties, trips, sponsorships or launches. Being a FBI, you may choose whichever invites that is interesting and apply for it ! Then agencies will shortlist the FBI that meets the requirements for their campaign. The collaboration between agencies and FBI is entirely up to both parties.

Interested to join TAP ? Let me share with you on how to be part of TAP.

How to join TAP ?

Step 1 : Be an Active FBI (Facebookers, Bloggers, and Instagrammers)

Step 2 : Minimum entry requirement is 500 followers or likes, but it all depends on your content too, if it's fun and interesting, then it will not be a problem at all !  

Step 3 : Fill up your details at

As easy as ABC, so are you TAP-ed ?

If not, then join now and we can explore the fun and parties together ! 

Now that we are done with TAP, you might be wondering what Seeties is all about. Seeties is a website that shows you the best things happening in your city from the 30 years old local food stall, waterfall picnic, thrilling skydiving to blind dating and even latest fashion trends. It's mission is to make city life super duper fun !

Seeties is available for both web (here) and app version, so users from all over the world can download it for free from Google Play and App Store. Need to know more ? Check it out at

For more information, kindly visit :-

The Agency Program (TAP)

Website :

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