Tuesday, April 28, 2015

[review] Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner & Aqua Gel Moisturizer

I could hear my skin yelling "Moisture, I need you" ever since I am back from Korea, probably because of the dry weather there has been draining away all the moisture in my skin. And I thought it would take quite some time for me to restore the hydration level in my skin, but surprisingly it took me less than 2 weeks to balance things out. I wouldn't say my skin is in the tip top condition now but at least no weird scaly patches on my skin, a pretty good sign. I'm pinning this skin success to a good diet with plenty of water and of course some kick-ass hydrating skincare products. Say hello to the two newbies in my skincare regime...

Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Range Review
Toner & Aqua Gel Moisturizer 

Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner

Toner is something that I can't really score because all toner seems to work great on me. Frankly speaking, I have yet to encounter any toner that irritates or didn't work for me. So I can't guarantee that I'll be using this for the rest of my life, but at this moment where my skin is in the need of hydration, the Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner is the perfect fit for the job. It deposits the right amount of moisture and works equally well on a facial mask too. What can I say ? 2 types of hydration in 1 product, that definitely worth the penny.

Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Aqua Gel Moisturizer

This is the must try in the range because it's rich yet not greasy type of moisturizer. In all honesty the reason I like this is because it's really a hydrating one for my skin. I can slap this on whether it's morning or evening and it'll only take seconds to sink into my skin. After a few days, things just feel hydrated and smooth and let's say since this has come into play, there's no more dry flaky patches. Another plus point from me is the lovely, refreshing scent that lingers around my face after application. Hmmm.... it's so dreamy..

The appearance of Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating range on my vanity has truly been a positive move for my skin. Goodbye weird dry scaly patches ! 


Name : Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner
Price : RM 31 / $8.72 each
Net Weight : 145ml

Name : Pure Beauty GeoAqua Ultra-Hydrating Toner
Price : RM 45 / $12.66 each
Net Weight : 50ml

Where to Buy : Watson Outlet

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