Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[review] PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler, to create beautiful natural curls

I have just lay my hand on the latest and newest hair curler from Philips a month ago. After reading through the product information and watching the video, I have been really curious about this new hair curler because it has a flat iron on both side yet it can create natural curls with it. Interesting huh ? So let me share with you my experience in using this new innovative curler by Philips. 

PHILIPS Easy Natural Curler Review
create beautiful natural curls

As I have mentioned earlier, this curling iron is very special as it comes with two sided flat iron instead of the curvy and rounded iron. Even with two sided flat iron, you can also create amazingly curls with it. The best part is that the design of the iron that looks like a tulips. So when you wrap your hair around it, it'll give the right amount of shape and curl to your hair without overdoing it, making it as beautiful as natural curls. Before this, I use to have a lot of trouble in angling my hair curler to get the natural curl, but it only takes 10-15 minutes to curl my hair with the innovative Philips Easy Natural Curler. It's indeed a very easy to use curler. :)  

If you are wondering how this Philips Easy Natural Curler works ? All it takes is wrap your hair around the curler and pull downwards, then you'll get the most natural curls, as simple as that.

Interested in getting this new Philips Easy Natural Curler ? Get it from the nearest electrical departmental stores now and say goodbye to stiff and awkward curls !


Name : Philips Easy Natural Curler
Price : RM 169 / $47.43 each
Where to Buy : Leading Electrical and Departmental Stores (eg. Aeon, Tesco and etc)

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