Wednesday, December 10, 2014

THE SCENT OF CHRISTMAS: Diptyque Paris Holiday Collection 2014!

Hello my lovies! Now I love the smell of a yummy turkey roasting or the smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies during the holidays but no that’s not what I am talking is about!

Diptyque Paris Holiday Sets 2014!

For this festive season, I bring you the Diptyque Paris sets. This holiday limited edition collection capitalizes on pine scent as well as catalogue product sets.


Contains a Feu de Bois 190g candle, large candle holder. Photophore is both sensual and aesthetic. This decorative set is the product of pure luxury craftsmanship and resistant to significant variations in the temperature of perfumed flames. Photophore Feu De Bois Set is definitely what it takes to spice up that special night with your love one in this Christmas.

2. DIPTYQUE 3 x 70g COFFRET : Résine, Hiver, Epices ( RM399.00)

A colorful and poetical holiday collection. Offers three original fragrances, three colors, three ambiances: resin, spice and winter, perfect gifts for all Diptyque candle lovers.

3. Diptyque 5  x 35g  CANDLE SET: Feu de Bois, Opopanax, Ambre, Pomander, Genevrier (RM349.00)

A limited edition set with a specially designed notice putting forward Diptyque’s expertise and creativity in this festive season. To all Diptyque candle lovers, this Limited Edition Candle Set is certainly a must have to add to your Diptyque candle collection. :)

4. Diptyque ART OF BODY CARE SET (RM239.00)

This set contains: 50ml Gel Revigorant, 50ml Crème Corps 50ml, 30ml Baumemains and 50ml Huilesprécieuses, covering you with lovely scented lotion and body wash from head to toe.

I love this collection because it offers a range of fragrances for both home and personal use. The candle sets are great way to have your room smelling piney fresh while the Art of Body Care set is  great because of its travel size and most of us will be travelling back home for holidays.

Happy Holidays :) !!

Available at:
Diptyque Fashion Avenue Pavilion KL, Isetan KLCC, KENS Bangsar Shopping Centre, KENS ApothecaryBangsar Village II & KENS Apothecary One Utama

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