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Splurge vs. Save : Saint Laurent vs. Payless Red Pump

Splurge vs. Save : Saint Laurent vs. Payless Red Pump

Splurge vs. Save : Saint Laurent vs. Payless Red Pump 

Hey guys, as much as I love splurging on designer brands like YSL, LV, Hermes, Gucci, Celine and etc but sometimes, it's just way too pricey to spent on the designer products when you are only using it like once a month or perhaps a week. And I'm pretty sure designer brands are not in the affordable range for ones with student's allowances like me. So instead of yearning for something that is some what beyond your budget, why not look for something similar that comes with a cheaper price. 

Splurge vs. Save
Red Pump - Saint Laurent vs. Payless 

As part of the Splurge vs. Save campaign by Credit Card Insider, today I'm going to share with you guys something that I have scored with a 98% saving ! Scroll down to see what I'm talking about.

Splurge vs. Save : Saint Laurent vs. Payless Red Pump
Photo credits to Saint Laurent (here)

Saint Laurent Classic Janis 105 Escarpin Pump in Red - $795.00

I've been longing to get their devil-icious pair of red pump from Saint Laurent but the price put on it has been pulling me back. As much as I want to have all the designer brands in town but it's an utterly stupid decision for me to splurge on a pair of red pump that I'll be only wearing it once a month. So instead I told myself to be more financially responsible and smart.

Splurge vs. Save : Saint Laurent vs. Payless Red Pump

Payless Red Pump - $14.00

Just when I was all sad with the red pump that is way way out of my budget, I came across a similar pair of red pump from Payless which similar to the Saint Laurent red pump. The best part is that this pair of red pump was on a 50% sales, so from originally $28, it has became $14 ! Well, scoring such a lovely pair of red pump which is similar to the one from Saint Laurent for only $14, I have no complain at all even if it breaks the next day. As compared to the Saint Laurent red pump that cost $795, now I only have to pay $14 for it, it's literally a 98% saving ! - I'm feeling financially smart now

Not only that this red pump from Payless is so darn cheap, it's pretty comfy too. I have been wearing it for outings with my friends yet I don't feel any soreness on my feet by the end of the day. Here are some outfit pictures I have taken with this 3C - "COMFY, CHEAP, CUTE" pair of red pump from Payless (outfit pictures). 

So lets spend responsibly and you could have a whooping 98% saving in your purchase just like me ! Did you manage to get any good bargain ? Do share with me, I would love to know. :D

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  1. so true, buying designer stuff is good for a while but not much of use is derived out of them
    buying designer dupes is such a good deal,these red shoes are the pefect example
    keep in touch

  2. It looks nice and and it's affordable! Great deal :)
    Muilo Burbulai

  3. It looks so nice


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