Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

So after the amazing Kjøre Project post (here) that I've posted weeks ago, here's the fine leather good that I scored from Kjøre Project, Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch Vintage Aged. Tell me who doesn't love to use clutch, especially when you are going for a short meet up with your friends just down the road. Everyone has a different taste and well, I do fancy leather made goods so I got this Phone/Card Clutch from Kjøre Project who offers fine leather goods. What makes leather goods from Kjøre Project special is that the scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles have not been sanded down, buffed or painted with sealer to give each piece an unique flavor to each leather goods. Since I have the clutch now, perhaps getting the bagpack is not a bad idea too. ;)

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

Cropped Top - Forever21
Denim Jacket - Cotton On
Legging - Cotton On
Flight Booties - Steve Madden (here)
Phone/Card Clutch Vintage Aged - Kjøre Project (here)

Kjøre Project Phone/Card Clutch

Just visit to find more leather goods of Kjøre Project.

For more information, kindly visit :-

Kjøre Project

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  1. so true , everybody loves to use a clutch anf i really like yours
    u look chic
    last day to enter my hicustom $150 giveaway
    keep in touch

  2. Nice one, thanks for sharing!

  3. Сompetition on my blog! win lacy shorts :)

    I will rejoice to your participation, dear <3

    ask me if something is unclear :))

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'd love to follow each other. Following you on bloglovin and gfc!

  5. You look stunning great color hair not that blonde did not look good on you it did but is good to make changes. Cool outfit clutch is perfect enjoy your weeked doll.

  6. i love your outfit! flawless!


  7. You look hot babe. Love the clutch and your crop top......


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