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[review] Power Root : Per'l Xlim Café (Coffee) & Per'l Xlim Chocho (Choco) : My Result - Part 3

review Power Root : Per'l Xlim Café (Coffee) & Per'l Xlim Chocho (Choco) : My Result - Part 3

All along I never thought that slimming drinks would work, I would think it's just a gimmick to promote the drinks. However, I just have to change my mind after seeing the number in the scale on my last weigh in at the Per'l Xlim event. I just couldn't believe that I have literally lost 2.7 kg by just consuming Per'l Xlim Chocho - yup this slimming drink has changed my mind. 

Power Root : Per'l Xlim Café (Coffee) & Per'l Xlim Chocho (Choco)

According to the product introduction, we were told that by drinking Per'l Xlim, we would lost weight even without exercising nor a diet plan. So during the one whole month of consuming Per'l Xlim Chocho, I would be carrying one sachet of Per’l Xlim (Chocho) in my handbag and drink it an hour before my meal. Then I’ll eat like usual, literally whacking everything on my plate like how I would usually do, and exercise for a couple minutes daily. To be honest without doing much of exercising nor sticking to a diet plan, the result of losing 2.7 kg with Per'l Xlim is seriously unbelievable as I believe even by exercising and dieting it takes a while for a person to lose 2.7 kg. But I am able to lose it within 1 month, isn't it incredible ? I still cant get over the fact that I have lost 2.7 kg.

review Power Root : Per'l Xlim Café (Coffee) & Per'l Xlim Chocho (Choco) : My Result - Part 3

So if you are hunting for a slimming drink that works, do give the Power Root : Per'l Xlim a try and you might be amazed by the result of it within a month ! Per'l Xlim is so convenient that you can bring the sachet along in your handbags and drink it before your meal, that makes no excuse for women to look slim and pretty ! ♥

Per'l Xlim, Rahsia Wanita Kekal Mempersona. 
(Per'l Xlim, Women's Secret to Look Stunning)


Name : Per'l Xlim Cafe (Coffee) & Per'l Xlim Chocho (Choco)
Price : RM 29.90 
Where to Buy : Mydin, Aeon & Aeon BIG, Giant, Cold Storage & Selected Outlet
Net Weight : 300g (15 sachets x 20g)

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