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5 benefits of Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap !

5 benefits of Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap !

Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap 

5 benefits of Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap !

Lately I have been giving different type of soap a go, literally body wash type of soap, those that comes in bar. And after using it for months, I started to find the beauty of it especially those that are handmade with natural ingredients, like...

Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap
(Cinnamon Coffee, Ginger & Peppermint, Lemongrass & Orange)

Hence today I would like to share with you guys some of the benefit I discovered from the Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap

#1. No added unknown ingredients

With everything going green and natural, we are urged to have all our skincare products to be made up of natural ingredients so it will not harm our skin in a long run. So this is what I truly like about Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap because it's made up of natural edible ingredients (doesn't mean the soap is edible tho) like grapeseed oil, olive oil, ginger, lemongrass and etc, which can easily be found in the supermarket. 
#2. Soothe the skin with it's natural ingredients
Because it's made of natural ingredients, so you'll not expect to see any irritants or reddish on your skin. Hence it's highly recommended for anyone with sensitive skin. 

#3. Natural oil that promote relaxation

The content of lemongrass oil is known to have anti-depressant properties with it's aromatic scent, just what I need to promote relaxation while taking shower. 

#4. Promote blood circulation

Among the 3 soap by Sensenique, the Sensenique Natural Ginger Peppermint soap will warm the body and eventually promote blood circulation while leaving your skin with refreshing ginger aroma. 

#5. Excellent skin scrub

Natural finely ground coffee and cinnamon powder in the soap makes an excellent skin scrub and cleanser in removing dead skin cells, creating a brighter skin tone. 

Despite of all the benefits it offers, I personally find the scent rather strong for my sensitive sinus nose but I just cant get enough of it. It's basically like a love hate relationship going on. Anyways, if you are a fan of the natural "woody" or "herby" soap, this is certainly your thing. 

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Name : Sensenique Natural Handmade Soap
Price : RM 13.80 / $ 4.29 each
Where to Buy : HiShop (www.hishop.my)
Net Weight : 140g

Exclusive RM20 rebate for everyone, just quote (SENSE20) upon check out. 
*With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 15 July 2014

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