Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Join Reebonz May-Rathon & Win RM 4,000 Shopping Spree for 2 !

Who would say no to a shopping spree but when I say it's a luxe bag shopping spree, it's certainly a big fat YES ! In this May, Reebonz is having the May-Rathon that you can WIN RM 4,000 Shopping Spree for you and your friend in Reebonz Space, Bangsar.

Win RM 4,000 Shopping Spree for 2 !

The Reebonz May-Rathon campaign, you will expect to see endless Sale in the month of May. There will be more than 300 items on Sale DAILY with extra 10% - 20% OFF, which save up to RM 1,500 on your luxe bags like Prada, Balenciaga, Ferragamo, Gucci and the list goes on and on. On top of that, explore the Reebonz.com.my website as they have the 12-hourly special sales at random hour on site up to 42% OFF. So be ready to spoil yourself with all the luxe bag you can find.

If anyone of you are spending RM 1,500 and above during the Reebonz May-Rathon, you will also stand a chance to WIN A SHOPPING SPREE FOR 2 !


From now till 31 May 2014, make a MINIMUM RM 1,500 per transaction & submit the details as below to stand a chance in winning a Shopping Spree for 2 worth RM 4,000! 



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Step 1 : Check out an order with minimum RM 1,500 at Reebonz.com.

Step 2 : Key in <Shopping Spree X SmallNHot> under Comment & Make Payment (Credit Card/ Debit Card) 

Step 3 : Email your entry to conciergemy@reebonz.com & CC to your friend! 

Step 4 : Complete the sentence : 

"I want to win a Reebonz Spree with XXX because....." (in less than 20 words) 

* Winner will be selected based on their creativity and notified by Reebonz by email.
* Terms and Conditions apply. 

So have fun with the Reebonz May-Rathon shopping and tag your friends along to win the shopping spree worth RM 4,000 !

Terms and Conditions:-
1. Contest duration : 1 till 31 May 2014. The selected winner will be notified on 3rd June 2014 via email. 
2. Contest is open to all orders placed from www.reebonz.com.my and Reebonz Malaysia members only.
3. Participants must key in <Shopping Spree x SmallnHot> into the REMARKS column before payment is made & email conciergemy@reebonz.com their Order Number to qualify for the lucky draw to win a Shopping Spree for 2 worth RM4,000 in Reebonz SPACE, Bangsar.
4. Each participant is entitled to submit one (1) entry only.
5. Winner will be selected by Reebonz Malaysia. Judges’ decision is final and binding. There will be no exchanges made equivalent to the value of the final prize and it is not exchangeable for Cash or Online Shopping Credits. 
6. Reebonz Malaysia shall have the right to publish the name, and photo of the winners in the newspaper and magazines and in its promotional materials.
7. Any attempt by a contestant or anyone to circumvent, tamper, disrupt or damage the contest entry process, defraud or gain an unfair advantage, engage in unsportsmanlike, disruptive, annoying, harassing or threatening conduct, or otherwise undermine the fairness, integrity & legitimate operation of the contest, will result in AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION.
8. Reebonz Malaysia reserves the right to reject any entry at its sole and absolute discretion without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.
9. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond its reasonable control, Reebonz Malaysia reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend or delay the contest period.

For more information, kindly visit :-

Reebonz Malaysia

Website : www.reebonz.com.my
Facebook : www.facebook.com/pages/Reebonz-Malaysia/
Download the App : www.reebonz.com.my/ipadapp

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  1. Cool way to go on a shopping spree hope you win.

  2. Seems like a cool company. I wish I could shop non-stop, haha :D Thank your for showing.
    gig love <3

  3. wow awesome contest leh!!! if only i am lucky enough to win it!

  4. Never know there is such contest ongoing. but it is too much for me to spend. =(

  5. Very nice! Have a great day. :)

    I AM ALSO ON: Instagram @kennydaily, Bloglovin and Facebook (i follow back, just let me know your links)

    What Kenny Hearts a Fashion and Lifestye Blog

  6. I wont be able to enter, but looks like a lovely giveaway! Good luck to the winner xx GIG

  7. ahh, only in malaysia huh? if singapore is included i will pass the message on to my reebonz-fanatic friends. hahaha!

  8. omg! need to join, if I win I belanja you lol!

  9. I won't be entering your competition. Fantastic prize though! Love the large red bag in the fist picture.

  10. Sounds like a great contest - What a fabulous prize. Good luck with your giveaway! <3 GIGLove

  11. Cool giveaway, shame I can not enter it. Good luck to everyone entering.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  12. cool shopping spree. Like other said, shop till you drop right?
    Gig love

  13. OMG super great deal! I wish I can win RM4000 shopping spree too :p

  14. I did'nt know this website and I go immediately to have a look
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  15. 4,000RM is a looot of money here too! I wish I could get the chance to do a shopping spree one day!

  16. I simply love Reebonz <3 They have got a great deals and plenty of high end to reasonable brands under one roof xx

  17. Thank you for letting us know this. Great post.


  18. wow the bags from the advertising are great. I want them all.

  19. wish i can enter but unfortunately i cannot. great giveaway

  20. Luxe bag shopping spree is always fun. Great contest!

  21. sounds a good opportunities that you sharing with us ! XD
    i wish i could also enter :p

  22. Ooo yes, I could really do with a nice shopping spree.
    Good luck!

  23. Great giveaway! I am wishing my best of luck to all the joiners. :) giglove



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