Friday, March 21, 2014

Where to get Hada Labo Enjoy Skincare (ES) Range ?

Days ago, I have received an email from one of my international readers from Taiwan regarding on the Hada Labo beauty talk with Liu Yen (here). She would love to venture to Hada Labo products but she had a hard time finding for the Hada Labo ES range. Hence I have done some research online to answer her question on where to get this ES range. So today I am going to share with you guys on some of online shops that offer this product range. 

Where to get Hada Labo ES Range ?

If you are unfamiliar with the ES range from Hada Labo, it's actually a range of products that is specially formulated for sensitive skin. 

Hada Labo ES is formulated with a unique combination of Nano Hyaluronic Acid and Zinc to allow deep penetration into the inner layers of stratum corneum for deep hydration. It also helps to strengthen skin barrier function, reduce skin irritation, keeping skin healthy and beautiful. 

Hada Labo ES is pH balanced and has passed the allergy and stinging test. With mild formula and '5 Addictive-free Ingredients' to allow your skin to enjoy the most gentle care.

These are some of the online shops that offer Hada Labo ES range :-

1. Sasa Online Store (International Shipping)

If you would like to check out the physical products, you can easily find the nearest Sasa in your area via their Store Locator (

2. Ebay (International Shipping)

3. Amazon (International Shipping)

4. Guardian Malaysia Online Store
Website :

Other online shops that offer Hada Labo products :-

1. Rakuten (International Shipping) 
Website :

2. Natta Cosme (International Shipping) 
Website :

3. BeautyStall 
Website :

So these are the few online shops that I could find, if you know where else to get Hada Labo products, do let me know ya. ♥

For more information, kindly visit :-

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