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[review] Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner

While I was in the midst of restocking my cosmetics especially eyeliner, I came across the Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner which has the classic girly and lacey design to it's packaging. I don't quite know about Miss Hana but I wonder how could this Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner could go under the rave radar because it's freaking awesome. After trying the gel eyeliner, it has me wanting to lay my hand on their other products like Miss Hana Color Control (CC) Cream, Apple Cheek Powder Blusher, Lip Balm and as well as the Miss Hana Smudge Proof Eyeliner.

Anyways, I wouldn't want to draw the attention away from today's product which is, 

Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner 

This eyeliner works as a crayon that glides on my eyelid smoothly with it's extremely pigmented and consistent color.To be honest, in the beginning I was rather skeptical with the result that it claims to produce because gel eyeliner and I never get along, but somehow it has all the best bits of all my favourite eyeliners gathered in one. 

Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner ain't any ordinary gel eyeliner that I have came across which takes some time to dry up before you can hit the party, she needs zero time to dry up despite of the extremely pigmented texture. And tho it's pigmented but it doesn't smudge off even I have it on for the whole day.

[review] Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme

[review] Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme

Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner - Brown (top), Black (bottom)

Forgive me for the blunt looking black eyeliner as it has been my favourite eyeliner for this couple of days. It originally has a thin and fine tip to it (as shown in brown eyeliner) which makes drawing a thin eye line right above the eyes are a piece of cake. And of course one glide itself will give extreme color to create the three-dimensional deep mesmerizing eyes. It's so kick-ass that I could walk out of the house and hit the mall with just an eyeliner on yet feeling pretty, sending winks to everyone with my three-dimensional deep eyes.

Of course there is a catch to it, the tip of it will go blunt as you use (refer to black eyeliner). I reckon to get the Miss Hana Professional Sharpener along with this to avoid the bluntness that comes along after a frequent usage. At the moment, there is a promotion on this eyeliner, which you can grab it at $7.52 / MYR 24.90 (NP : MYR 34.90) from here. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting more of this eyeliner. * Purse says let's shop *

[review] Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner from Natta Cosme

Apply discount coupon, "MISSHANA" and get RM 5 off when your purchase any color of Miss Hana Water Proof Gel Eyeliner. 

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