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Blind-folded Dining with Living Social @ Elizabeth Fine Dining, SetiaWalk Mall

Blind-folded Dining with Living Social at Elizabeth Fine Dining, SetiaWalk Mall

If you find Dining In The Dark some sort interesting, then perhaps Dining With A Blind-Fold would be in your next to-do list. Following it's success with Zombie Run last year and living up to the promise of adding surprises and excitement to everyone's calender, Living Social Malaysia held another interesting and rather unique event concept which is the..

Blind Date at Elizabeth Fine Dine, Grand Shanghai

Blind Date Dining might sound similar to the Dining In The Dark, but it's rather different in a way or two. So instead of dining in a pitch black room, diners were blindfolded and guided throughout the whole dining experience. This interesting yet intimidating "not knowing what's lying in front" Blind Date was held at Elizabeth Fine Dine in Grand Shanghai, Setiawalk Mall - a pretty exquisite looking English inspired restaurant.
Blind-folded Dining with Living Social at Elizabeth Fine Dining, SetiaWalk Mall

Tho we were assisted and guided throughout the evening by experienced wait staff of the restaurant and Living Social, but it doesn't take off the uneasiness in me as I was worried that I might stumble upon tables or chairs as I enter the restaurant and embarrass myself by falling down. Anyways, thank god that nothing as such has happened.

The 6 course Blind Date at Elizabeth Fine Dining started off with Entries and ended with Desserts. Having a blindfold on while dining does bring out all my senses except for sight, touching, sniffing and tasting each element on the dish trying to identify what dish it was. Right after each dish was served, you could hear everyone chattering about the taste and texture of the dish, sharing their opinion about the dish to each other, wondering did they get the dish right. To sum up, it was indeed an interesting and unforgettable dining experience, and it makes me wonder does the presentation of a dish matters ?

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