Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kandeeshoes Bid Goodbye to Boring Shoes !

Pretty and extraordinary shoes are hard to come by especially where I am from. Which is why I constantly am rummaging around the net, looking for something extraordinary. And so it happen on a warm beautiful Monday afternoon, I stumbled upon a brand by the name of Kandee. 

Everyone should fall in love with Kandee, because their designs are simply one of a kind ! Recently, they have just launched a new spring collection that I simply adore and would love to share it with you guys. It makes me so jealous for those of you in Europe who can easily acquire such lovely and quirky shoes from the UK. 

Mr. Kandee's SPRING Collection

Mr Kandee's SPRING Collection inspired by all things sweet and dreamy. So here are the most mesmerizing of the Spring Collection....♥

Kandeeshoes : Tropical

Kandeeshoes : Peachy Rose

Kandeeshoes : Covet

And now my most favourite of all these favourite shoes which I literally can't take my eyes off, The Eye Spy and Berry Kiss. 

Kandeeshoes : Eye Spy

Kandeeshoes : Berry Kiss

In my craze for Kandee shoes, I have even put together some outfits that I would love to pair with Mr. Kandee's Spring Collection. May it inspire you too..

So what do you guys think ? Did these extraordinary shoes get your attention ? If so do check out some other shoe design by Mr. Kandee at or follow their Instagram (@kandeeshoes) to get more updates. :)

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* Photos credit to Kandeeshoes (source) and Zalora (source)

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