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[review] Yadah Bloom x Highlash Mascara

When was the last time you try something new ? For no real reason aside from the adorable product packaging ? Well that's exactly what I have been undergoing lately. I have been getting a lot of make up products not because of anything but because of the packaging itself.

One of the product that I was referring to is the

Yadah Bloom and Highlash Mascara 

Yadah has came out with two brand new mascara and I will share with you on the Yadah Bloom Mascara on the first part of my blog post then followed by the Highlash Mascara

Yadah Bloom Mascara

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review

Before I proceed in talking about the characteristic of the Yadah Bloom Mascara, I would love to highlight packaging of the mascara. Its simply simple and sleek with just the plain white background and pink font and of course the Yadah girl doodle after using the mascara. You do have to admit that sometimes the product packaging does affect your choice of purchase isnt it ?

Despite of the lovely packaging, the Yadah Bloom Mascara utilities ample cellulose to enrich lash volume and curl. It claims to be removed easily with just lukewarm water. There aint any artificial fragrance, Sulphate Surfactant in it and 100% FREE from Paraben. Besides, the mascara is formulated with unique Opuntia Ficus to nourish lashes from long-term lash care and vitality. So you will not only looking gorgeous with the  long and dense lashes but also get to nourish your lashes too. 

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review

The Yadah Bloom Mascara comes with a rather curvy wand/applicator to create a denser finish on your lashes. So here is my before and after applying the Yadah Bloom Mascara

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review - Before and After

Yadah Bloom Mascara - Before (Top), After (Bottom)

Yadah Bloom Mascara Review 

I truly fell in love with the Yadah Bloom Mascara because it does make my lashes much more denser especially the bottom lashes, brighten up my eyes with a swap. With the curvy brush, I personally find it easier to apply it on my lashes in the inner corner of my eyes without smudging it all around my eyes. Removing the mascara was so much easier as well. I need not to apply any make up remover on it, just luke warm water as it claimed will remove all of the mascara from my eyes, making my cleansing procedure faster. So do note that since the mascara can be removed with luke warm water, it is not recommended to use it under water or for water activity. 

Yadah Highlash Mascara

Yadah Highlash Mascara Review

Yadah Highlash Mascara Review

Yadah another new invention is the Highlash Mascara which is basically to lengthen lashes. The packaging is more or less the same except for the Yadah girl doodle that has a longer lashes instead. As for the ingredients and properties, it's exactly the same as Yadah Bloom Mascara but one more thing I would like to highlight is that these mascara is safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers/users. 

Yadah Highlash Mascara Review

The Yadah Highlash Mascara doesnt have the curvy brush or wand like Bloom Mascara, but instead it's a conventional straight brush. Here is my before and after applying the Yadah Highlash Mascara. 

Yadah Highlash Mascara Review - Before and After

Yadah HighlashMascara - Before (Top), After (Bottom)

Yadah Highlash Mascara Review 

As compared to the Yadah Bloom Mascara, I love having the Highlash Mascara on my upper lashes because the lengthening effect makes my lashes more visible with my double eyelid. The Highlash Mascara does makes my lashes longer and quite straight high up too, but rather loose. Well on the upside, the brush was made perfectly that it doesnt clump up my lashes during application. If you prefer to have a denser and longer lashes, I would recommend to use the Highlash Mascara followed by Bloom Mascara create a long and thick lashes. 

Yadah has never fail to impress me with the result of their products. 
So have you ever try any Yadah products ? Which is your favourite ?

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