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Why Do We Need To Use Facial Toner ? A mini experiment to find out

The usual 3 steps in our skincare routine would be Cleanse, Toner, Moisturizer. We have been applying Toner for ages and years but have you ever wonder why do we need to apply Toner ? Is Toner really an essential step in our skincare routine ?

Well today I am here to share the reason behind applying Toner and it's benefits to our skin. In order to demonstrate and answer all the questions, Taiwanese Beauty Guru, Ms Liu Yen (柳燕) conducted a mini experiment with us during the Hada Labo beauty talk.

Mini Experiment - Why Do We Apply Toner ?

All you need is two[2] sponge, Toner and Moisturizer. If you have doubt with the experiment, feel free to try it out yourself at home. 

Apply the Toner on one of the sponge and blend it out evenly ensuring its all absorbed into the sponge. 

Then apply moisturizer on both of the sponge, including the one with toner and the one without as well. 

You can literally see an instant absorption on the sponge with toner and as for the one without toner, it will remain as it is on the sponge.

Blend it out evenly on both sponge and you will find the sponge with toner will show a better absorption ability. 

Most of the moisturizer has been gradually absorbed into the sponge as compared to the sponge without toner.

From the mini experiment, its obvious that the sponge with toner has a better absorption ability. The same theory applies to our skin, if we were to apply toner before moisturizer, it will allow your moisturizer or anything after that like sunblock, BB cream and etc to be absorbed into our skin easier. This is because toner has the properties in preparing the skin for a better absorption for moisturizer, other than modifying pH levels in our skin and removing dirt and debris. 

We conducted the experiment in the beginning of the beauty talk, and by the end of the talk the sponge without toner still has moisturizer laying on top of it. If you were not to apply toner, then all your expensive skincare cream or lotion would literally put into waste because it will not be soaked into your inner skin.

Do remember to apply Toner in your skincare routine, so it will have a better absorption of the moisturizer and stay pretty and young forever ! 

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  1. Sense! I knew toners were used to balance skin, but I didn't realise it would work in this way, though if you're skin is balanced, absorption would naturally be better.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. thats a good way to test. I always use toner before moisturizing.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !

  3. wow. i didnt knowthat, thanks for the info! :D

  4. Very good test my dear, so interesting!


  5. Nice post!

  6. Great post. I didn´t know it. Thanks for sharing this idea. I definitely have to try this out. :)
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  7. Enjoyed this post and thanks for reminding me to go that extra step and tone. Thanks, Sarah!

  8. Absolutely LOVED your experiment, I'm always a fan of science and beauty combined! When it makes sense, and the proof can be shown, thats what I love. Thank you for sharing xx GIG

  9. this is reallly an informative post. i never thought toner is used for this purpose i always used toner for the purpose of skin care routine until now ... thanks for sharing this post ... now i know why will i use toner :)

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  10. Whoa~ This definitely makes us believe more in toning before moisturizing! Cool~

  11. I haven't tried applying toner ever since, and didn't know about this until I read this post. Thank you for sharing. Maybe I should try using one soon :)

  12. Superb explanation! I will try this experiment out too! This is by far the simplest manner of explaining the importance of using skin toner that I chanced upon. :) Great job!

  13. Never know toner helps a better absorption for skincare! Thanks for sharing~
    Happy Gong Xi Valentine's to you!

  14. Great information! I haven't used a toner honestly but your post enlightened me a lot about this. #giglove


  15. Amazing experiment! I love toners and have to have them in my skincare routine. This is very informative Sarah, thanks for sharing! x Donah giglove

  16. Wow. I have ALWAYS wondered about toner, this is a great experiment!! I'm a total convert! <3 #GIGLove

  17. Yes, amazing experiment! Thanks for sharing this post babe! <3 #giglove Claudine , www.claudineimelda.com

  18. Whoaa. Thank you for letting me to know this. Never know this before. It is very useful. Amazing experiment.

    Gig Love

  19. Wow! I really did not know this...wonder why they dont explain it as simple as this everywhere else!!!


  20. I always like to tone, moisturise and primey skin before applying makeup. Toner helps my skin stay clear

  21. I was just writing about toners ad here you are explaining why we must use toners! thanks for sharing hun =) wish i could have went to this event too, but all in mandarin.. my mandarin still half baked, lol!

  22. really interesting post..have always wondered how necessary toner is and often omit it- will go back to using it daily after reading this.

  23. Wow! I have heard many times that toners are optional in skin care routine so currently I am not using any. This experiment helps though!

  24. I've always used toner and you are right I even didn't know very well why. Thanks for your tips.

  25. wow didnt know about this! I must be very hardworking now alr :P

  26. Oh that was great information dear! I use toner regularly but never knew the reason behind it! Thanks so much!

  27. oh wow! this is so interesting! i always skip toners :O may have to start using them again

  28. verrrry interesting, I had never used toner before. I wonder if there is a natural version of this? giglove

  29. Thanks for the info =) I should start use toner more often now =D gig

  30. hahhaha i was readdy to read more thought u about to review the toner too..then it stop lol....

  31. I never use toner, but this is good info! I should start trying it out!

  32. OMG! So this is how important it is! Thank you for sharing! You are amazing! Never thought about that!


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