Sunday, February 2, 2014

January's Fashion Favourite : Bold Red Pumps

January left us in a blink of eye and now we are in February which they will call it a month of love simply because Valentine Day falls on this month. January has been a fun and lay-back month for me because I took weeks off from everything and spent some alone time with myself. I am not sure about you but I take pleasure in having an alone time because it gives me time to ponder about the past, the future or the present. 

So I came out with an idea of writing about my Fashion Favourite of the month which basically is to showcase one item (dress, pumps, bags, accessories) that I love the most. And here I am, sharing with you all my...

January's Fashion Favourite 
Bold Red Pumps

Bold Red Pumps is certainly a fashion statement saying that, "I am bold and I am hot!". Hence I bought it right away without thinking twice when I saw it lying on the discounted section at Payless. Despite the fact that I got it for less than $15, the best part is that this pair of suede pumps was comparatively very comfy and easy to walk with, even the branded ones I have tried couldn't be put into comparison. Besides, this pumps is so easy to match with any of your outfit ranging from long dresses, flared skirts to the basic denim jeans. Below are some photos of celebrities with their red pumps, giving you an idea of how and when to wear it. 

(photo credit to google.)

(photo credit to google.)

Anyway, here are some outfits that I paired with the Bold Red Pumps I got from Payless. 

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Red Pumps is my January's Fashion Favourite, how about you.
Do you have any Fashion Favourite for the month of January, do share with me ya ?

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