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[tutorial] How to Create Everyday Make-Up Look - 6 Steps Eyeshadow Application

Hey guys, this is my very first beauty post in 2014.

Basic Eyeshadow for Everyday Make-Up Look

Lemme tell you, when a guy tells you that they dont fancy girls with make-up or they prefer natural beauty and I can assure you that most of it is bulshyt ! What they actually mean is "I like girls to put on make up but at the same time I dont want them putting on too much like as tho they have pad the whole compact powder on their face."

So instead of the usual review that I will do on products that I get, this time around I will do a 6 steps tutorial in applying eyeshadow to create an everyday make-up look, featuring this compact powder like 4 shade palette from HiShop, which is the....

4U2 Splash ! Velvet Eyeshadow 4 #03 

The palette is literally as big as my palm size (without including my fingers) and it comes with 4 velvety shades which is the Beige, Brown, Light Brown (a little like gold color) and Pink. 

Here is the swatches of the shades on my finger. I could say comparatively most of the 4 shades are quite powdery and pigmented, except for the light brown color, it is next to nude when I swatch it with my finger. 

Anyway lets get started with the 6 steps of basic eyeshadow for your everyday make-up look. 

Lets begin !

Please take note that I have applied all the necessary skincare steps like moisturizer, sunblock and etc before the tutorial. On top of that, do remember to prime your eyes before applying the eyeshadow. You can easily get eye primer from any drugstore or buy it online from HiShop. 

Step 1 : Prime your eyes (on your eyelid as well as under eye).

Step 2 : Apply the Pink Shade on your inner eye corner aka 1/2 of your eyelid. 

Step 3 : Apply the Brown shade on the remaining outer corner of your eyelid forming the little triangle. 

You may apply the brown all the way up above your crease, but not too much else it would look like you have a punch on your eyes. If you personally feel the shades are too strong on your eyes, you may soften the colors by blending the light brown on your eyelid or the edges of the two colors you have applied earlier, to tone it down. 

Step 4 : Apply the Brown shade on 1/2 or 2/3 of your under eye from the outer corner of your eye. 

Step 5 : Apply the Beige color on remaining 1/2 or 1/3 of your under eye from the inner corner. 

Here is how it would look after repeating Step 1 to 5 on both of your eyes.

Eyes closed

Eyes opened

Step 6 : Apply a thin line of eyeliner joining all your lashes. 

You can opt for drawing a wing with your eyeliner but this time I put it at minimal because its a everyday make-up look.

Then finish off with your blusher, lipstick and off you go to school, work or any casual outings. 

Here are the before and after make up, you will notice there aint much different in the before and after eyes, because I didnt use any double eyelid tape to create the depth for my eyes which will make the eyeshadow more prominent if I were to use it and on top of that its an everyday look after all, you wouldnt want to over do it. 

Summary of the 6 Steps Everyday Eyeshadow Make-Up Look.

6 Step by Step Everyday Eyeshadow Make-Up Look

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This basic eyeshadow make up is really easy to do, you can easily change the shades by using other shades but the whole idea of application is more or less the same, lighter shades in the inner corner and darker shades on the outer corner. 

Speaking about the eyeshadow, all in all, I like the 4U2 Splash! Velvety Eyeshadow because its very pigmented and powdery which is quite easy to apply on the eyes. However because its powdery so if you didnt pad off the excessive powder and apply directly on your eyelids, you might feel rather heavy and uncomfortable on eyes. The size of the eyeshadow palette is just nice for me to carry around and the best part is that it comes with the small sponge applicator so you need not to bring along a brush when you are touching up your make up outside. 

Anyway, I have been stalking a lot of youtube video lately and I am considering in doing v-log but still in the consideration mode... Tell me what do you think, should I do V-log ?

You can easily find this eye shadow palette from HiShop. 

So for more information, kindly visit :-

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored by HiShop, but tutorial and review are based on my personal experience.

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