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[review] Thermage Face Lifting @ iHeal Medical Centre Kuala Lumpur

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Lately aesthetic beauty has gained its popularity in Malaysia with various aesthetic beauty salon, medical centre opening in Malaysia. I personally was rather skeptical with all the aesthetic beauty treatment due to the after effect that I have seen it on TV, documentary and even in the internet. However, after my 

Thermage Face Lifting at iHeal Medical Centre

it opened up my eyes to a whole new side of the aesthetic beauty. 

What is Thermage ?

Thermage is the only non-invasive procedure that helps tighten and contour your skin in a single treatment—with no surgery, no injections, and little to no downtime. Instead, Thermage stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen, which creates subtle, natural looking results on and off the face, like…
  • Tighter, smoother skin…
  • Softened wrinkles and lines…
  • And an overall younger looking appearance

My Thermage experience at iHeal was indeed a pleasant one because the Medical Centre was warm, clean and sleek, even the staff was friendly in helping me to find my way around, especially to the washroom. lol

Anyway, before starting my Thermage treatment, I had my face scan at this sophisticated machine which you can generally find at facial salon. But this time around, I am not having my face scan for my skin condition but to take a picture of my face before the treatment to be compared later on. 

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Face Scanner 

They even have a dressing table with a complete set of make up for customers to touch up their make up after the treatment. Isnt that thoughtful ? 

After a complete face scan, I was guided to a sweet looking room to prep myself for the Thermage. And guess what, instead of getting ready, I was busy taking photos of the room, the sophisticated machine, and the marking paper for Thermage. 

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Thermage Treatment Room

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Changing corner

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Thermage Treatment Machine

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Thermage Treatment Marking Paper

As my heart was pounding for the unknown, Dr Anjalee kept on comforting and explaining to me on each and every steps that she is going to do on me, so that it will ease my uneasiness. She is indeed a thoughtful and kind doctor. Anyway, before starting the Thermage, I have a conductor patch adheres on my back to get my body connected to the machine. 

Thermage @ iHeal Medical Centre : Thermage Treatment Conductor Patch

First of all, Dr Anjalee marked my face with the Thermage's marking sheet, ensuring that the Thermage treatment was done evenly, without missing out a single section on my face. 

Marking the face was totally nothing but then as it will be followed by a strong and unpleasantly scented of gel, I have to sort of breathe via my mouth and thank god Dr Anjalee told me that in advance else my sensitive nose would go sneezing with the scent. The reason to apply the gel is to ease the contact of the Thermage tools on my face, so just hold ya breath for a while. :D 

Although its just minor sting and heat penetration for stimulate collagen, but to be honest, it was rather uncomfortable during the treatment especially when the Thermage tool touches the part of my face with more nerves receptor like around my mouth area and under-eye area. But the heat level can be reduced based on ones tolerance level. If that doesnt help you, perhaps the vibration mode would help a little, because it really makes a different to me. For me it was like spreading all the heat and sting to easing my discomfort.

You can see I am closing my eyes tight for the uneasiness though it was just minor sting and heat penetration. Hahaha. 

After a long 30 minutes of the Thermage treatment, I was like 'phew', what a relief no more stinging. Yay ! They also cleanse and apply the moisturizer and sunblock for me upon completion of my Thermage treatment. 

Are your ready for the result ? 
Here is the result of my Thermage Face Lifting at iHeal Medical Centre. 

Looking at the image I, myself was amazed with it ! My face has literally contoured and gotten smaller too. So Thermage does work huh ? hahaha Forgive me for my scary polaroid face, here is an actual shot of my face after the Thermage. 

Frankly speaking, the result has already shown my satisfaction for the Thermage treatment and the best part is having such result without a single cut on my face ! After the treatment, there aint a single soreness or redness on my face, except for feeling for a little tight on my skin and that is suppose to be there because its the collagen that taking into effect in firming up my skin. According to Dr Anjalee, it will take up to 3 months to have the best result and now it has been 3 weeks since the Thermage treatment, I can already feel my face has more contour to it, even my friends was asking what I have done to my face as they meet me. With such promising result, I feel its worth the 30 minutes of sting and heat sensation ! *thumbs up*

After seeing my result, what's your say for Thermage treatment ? Yay or Nay ?

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