Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[review] Food Delivery with - Food are just a fingertip away !

Last week, I have found a solution to my late night food crave without even getting out from the house. How ? Its as easy as a piece of cake, which is to 

Order with Foodpanda !

Foodpanda has been around for quite some time. If you are wondering what Foodpanda is all about, it's actually a group of problem solvers that made all of our life easier with the online food delivery system that offers a wide selection of online menu ranging from Japanese Sushi to Italian pizza and pasta. Food delivery has never been so easy with Foodpanda because this little panda does food delivery to anywhere at anytime !

My last week I had a sleepover at my friends house and all of us was like so lazy to get out from the house even though we have nothing to eat at home. But this time around, we dont have to play "Rock Paper Scissor Lizard Spock" to figure out who is going out to get the food because the greatest food delivery - FoodPanda is just one click away and you can order from variety of restaurants around your area !

Lemme share with you on my food ordering experience with FoodPanda.

Step 1 : Download the Foodpanda application from your AppStore or PlayStore (

Step 2 : Search for the your location like mine is Taman Muda (Cheras), and yours might be else where. Once you have selected the location, there will list down all the restaurants that is available at your area

They even have the delivery time listed on each restaurant so you will know how long it takes before placing your order. Isnt it cool ?

Step 3 : Select the desired restaurant and place your order accordingly. 

Step 4 : Once you have confirmed your order, the total amount of your order will be shown on the next page and you may proceed to checkout. Key in necessary information like address upon checkout

Step 5 : Once you have completed the order, you will receive a SMS to your phone saying how long it takes for the delivery to arrive. Now sit back and wait patiently for your food to arrive at your doorstep ! =D

On that day, I even try to time the order making sure that it comes within 60 minutes and to my surprise it took took less than 60 minutes to arrive ! *clap clap*

Bon Appetit !

The food ordering experience with Foodpanda was indeed a satisfying one ! I am a happy customer with a full stomach. You might be wondering why did I order pizza when Foodpanda offer many other food delivery like sushi, starbucks and etc. Tho there were many restaurants selection available but because my order was at 10pm, so most of the restaurant are closed, that left us no choice but to settle our stomach for pizza. Well, its okay because there will be more sleepover in future and I am pretty sure we will order from Foodpanda as well, then I'll get to try the food delivery from other restaurants too.

And just for your information, since I was ordering from the mobile app, I can only do Cash On Delivery (COD), but if you are placing your order from the PC, you can opt for different payment method like COD or Paypal instead. 

Foodpanda is definitely a brilliant idea because I dont have to drive all the way to the mall, wasting my time and petrol just to fix my food crave for sushi, pasta or even Chatime ! Now all the food are just a fingertip away !

Have you tried the food delivery from Foodpanda ? Do let me know how was it ya. ♥

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