Friday, December 13, 2013

[review] bloop Nail Polish : Pink Me Up !

Christmas is just around the corner, have you get your nails ready for the Christmas celebration ? If you are still in the midst of deciding what color to use for Christmas, then you should give this a try, the...

bloop Nail Polish : Pink Me Up !

bloop Nail Polish offers a wide collection of nail polish like Glam Me Up, Mission to Mars, Party is On and etc. All of them has a vibrant and exciting colors that could party up your nails on this festive season. The nail polish claims to have a quick drying properties and it gives an ultra glossy finish on your nails. Besides, it is also long lasting, so no worries of reapplying after one week or two. 

All it takes is less than a minute for the glittery pastel pink bloop nail polish to dry up, before I could re-apply the second layer. I really love the pinkish and glittery finish of the nail polish. I have been having this color on my nails for week and not even a bit of it chipped off, so I would say it is pretty long lasting. However as for the removal part, usually when I apply glittery nail polish, it takes very long for me to remove it with nail polish remover but removing this was pretty easy-peasy. Just a few swap will do. :)

bloop nail polish is really great and easy to apply, so if you are looking for nail polish to party up your nails, do consider of getting this from HiShop !

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Have you ever tried bloop nail polish, how was it ? ♥

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