Monday, December 2, 2013

[Giveaway] Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink

Lately I have been introduced to this eye nourishing drink that claims to relieve tired, dry, strained eyes and even relieve under eye dark circles, which is my utmost concern because I am definitely a late sleeper, so this magical eye nourishing drink is the...

Berry Bright !

Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink

Berry Bright

Berrybright is a functional eye nourishing drink that is packed with powerful natural antioxidants, vital nourishment and protection for eyes. Berrybright is formulated with Active Cassis Extract 35, which provides high levels of unique anthocyanins found only in New Zealand Cassis berry (Blackcurrent), blended with Eyebright and Marigold (80% Lutein) extracts that are clinically proven to provide superior eye health support. 

Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink

You may be asking that Berry Bright is suitable for who ? It actually cater for most eye problems or issues like :-

  • Dry, irritated or tired eyes by reducing the eye fatigue and relieves symptoms like pain or blurred vision. 
  • Lack of Sleep / Dark Circles by improving the blood circulation around eyes.
  • Long hours in front of screens or drivers.
  • Elderly / Eyesight deterioration or Age 40+.
  • Contact lens users.
  • Poor eyesight like short or long sighted and presbyopia. It prevent and delay the onset of presbyopia.
  • High in antioxidants protect from free radical damage.

Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink

Dark circles formation might be due to the poor blood circulation around eyes, and its found that with long term consumption the Berry Bright which contains Cassis berry (4x more anthocyanins than Blueberry that proven to be potent in preventing visual impairments) can effectively improve blood vessels permeability around the retina, toxin elimination and thus reducing and clearing the dark circles, giving a brighter and fresher look. 

Berry Bright, Eye Nourishing Drink

Who says healthy drink always taste bitter ? This Berry Bright doesnt even have a tiny bit of bitterness instead it has a GREAT FRUITY TASTE to it !

Anyone of you want to try this lovely drink to fix your dark eye circles ? 

Just complete the simple rafflecopter app to try out this awesome FRUITY Eye Nourishing Drink.

10 winners x 2 Sachets of BerryBright Drink !

Terms and Conditions
1. Giveaway starts from 2 December 2013 - 15 December 2013 (11:59pm).
2. Open to all readers residing in Malaysia.
3. Ten [10] winners will be selected randomly via
4. Each Winners will be given 2 sachets of the BerryBright drink.5. Winners will be notified via email.

You can also drop by at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center from 20th - 22nd December for the 10th International Health Fair 2013 to meet up with BerryBright personnel, understand better about eye health at the BerryBright booth !

Lets join me in my Berry Bright journey ! 

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Disclaimer : Products are sponsored but review is based on my personal opinion. 

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