Friday, December 27, 2013

Beauty Resolution for 2014 !

A new year is coming in less than one week and looking back at my 2013 resolution, I realize I have nothing that is beauty related, yup not a single one ! Well I cant blame myself for that, because before I was exposed to all these beauty products from blogging, all I did to my face was just cleansing and maybe applying acne cream like once in a blue moon when I have an acne. I swear, thats is the only thing I do to my face ! 

Last time, Ms Ignorant aka me thought my skin was perfect because I dont encounter major acne problem nor oily skin condition, but little do I know that deep inside, my skin are dehydrated and pigmentation are starting to appear due to my ignorant of using any moisturizer nor sunblock. To be honest, even when someone ask me what my skin type is, I would go BLANK literally stoned because I have no idea at all and then think of a smart answer like normal skin. #facepalm 

However, ever since I started blogging I learnt a lot about beauty, like understanding my skin type (now I know mine is combination skin, oily Tzone), and the usual beauty routine to cleanse, tone, moisturize, hydrate and mask my face every single day, so that my face will be plumped up at all time. 

Now that I have learnt so much, there aint any time to regret nor moan about the past, so this coming 2014, I have a made a list of Beauty Resolution to pamper my skin throughout the year 2014. I am not sure about you, but I find it hard to abide by when I list down a long list of resolution and by the end of 2014, I will achieve nothing at all. Thus, I am making it simple by making a general 3 beauty resolution !

Beauty Resolution 1. Changing from non-organic skincare to Organic Skincare !

From next year onward, I will opt for organic skincare and cosmetic products so that I will not apply harmful chemical products on my face. Speaking about organic products, at the moment, I am eyeing on Yadah products mainly because its organic,. natural and most of all it comes with cute looking packaging ! *cute packaging sucker* Check out my latest review on Yadah Tint, here

Beauty Resolution 2. Say only YES to Natural Colouring skincare and cosmetic products.

A lot of make up or skincare products have been using artificial colouring that I believe somehow or someway will harm my face, if I am going to use it like daily. Thus in year 2014, must check the colouring contents on the bottle before buying, ensuring its made out of natural colouring ingredients. 

Beauty Resolution 3. Last but not least Beauty Baby Sleep !

They always say you must get your beauty sleep to have beautiful skin and I strongly agree with that because I would have dark circles, and dry skin if I was to sleep late. In 2014, I promise myself that I must be on bed before 10pm, no more TVs, Facebooking or Blogging. So if you ever see me on Facebook or anywhere social media platform, feel free to scold me, yup you have the right ! hahaha 

MUST NOT be a cheapo, do spend a little extra so that I can have a beautiful and youthful skin !

Thank you Yadah Malaysia for having such lovely party to welcome this new year 2014.

I have mine listed here, so what's your new year resolution ?

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