Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party @ Villa Manja

This is my first time attending Luau Party with a Hawaiian dresscode. All thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia for giving me such awesome experience at 

Kinohimitsu Luau Party !

The Luau Party was held at Villa Manja, a beautiful Balinese looking place that is located at the heart of KL. As you walk into the place your senses will be pampered with the aromatic scent and the Balinese inspired embellishment like the floating stones walkway and lovely flowers on the side. 

Luau Party, we have the two lovely butterflies as our emcees on that day, bringing us jokes and fun throughout the event !

The event started off with the introduction then a mini game session. Oh gosh, this game is interesting because each group has to fill up the bottle with water but they will have to fight for the apparatus that they will be using to fill it up. Before the game starts, there was a cloth covering all the apparatus so no one will know what apparatus is prepared for them, isnt it interesting ? hahah

Any first team that completed the task first will win themselves a boxful of Kinohimitsu drinks ! Too bad my team didnt win, but anyway congratz to all the winning team ! :D

Later on, we have a mini introduction session of the Kinohimitsu products, like their Immune Boaster the collagen drink and etc. Its indeed an informative one because it answered all my inquiries on why do we need to drink collagen drink and all. The reason to that is simple because as we age our collagen production will reduce gradually making us look old, having saggy skin and wrinkles, so if you have a continuous intake of collagen, it will be able to replace all the missing collagen in your body. 

We were even entertained by a butterfly inspired dance performance at the Butterfly Project Luau Party. Yup its a butterfly !

The hype of the event kept on going with the appearance of some celebrities, which is our Malaysian ambassador for Kinohimitsu, to share with us their experience in consuming the Kinohimitsu. 

At Luau Party, not only we get shoulder and head massage by Villa Manja, we also get to try out the Kinohimitsu drinks and spin the wheel of Kinohimitsu fortune !

The Wheel of Kinohimitsu Fortune !

Boost up your immunity at the Boost station, so you will have the stamina to party all night long at Villa Manja. 

I tried the Kinohimisu Collagen drink at their bar, and I thought it would taste rather fishy due to the high content of collagen, but to my surprise it was incredibly fruity ! It was like as tho I was drinking some fruit juice. I would definitely finish all the shots on the bar, if I could because its seriously no joke amazing. 

Nowadays, photobooth is like the new trend in all events. This time around, all thanks to 123Cheese, for taking all the awesome pawsome shots for us on the Luau Party ! Aligato... 

The party ended with the prize giving ceremony to the Best Dressed Hawaiian inspired dresscode, Winner from the Wheel of Kinohimitsu Fortune and as well as the Instagram contest. 

Congratulation to all winners !

Caroline and I (with my blonde hair :D).

Before you go, here is a shot of me in my blonde hair and my DIY Hawaiian inspired outfit.

P.S. Thank you to Butterfly Malaysia for the lovely invites. 

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