Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ash Green Hair Color

As many of you may have know that I have bid goodbye to my black or dark brownish hair and now its...

ASH GREEN Hair Color !

Ash Green Hair

Yup its ash green. I have been itchy to do something with my hair and since I have made up my mind to grow it all the way down, so cutting it is way way out of the window. And curling it would make my head literally look huge and I am certainly a sucker in maintaining curly hair. Hence, that left me nothing but dyeing it.   

But dyeing brown or copper are just too mainstream, so when I saw a girl in the L'APERITIF fashion show have her hair in platinum blonde, that gives me an idea of doing something along that line ! Lets go Ash Green !

Its my first time bleaching my hair and I seriously have no idea that I have to go through so much of waiting in bleaching it. I literally headed to the salon for 3 times to bleach and bleach and dye just to get the ash green color I wanted. Actually everything can be done within one whole day but since I was in a hurry and the salon doesnt have the color I wanted so it takes me 3 visits to get everything done. After looking at my hair color right now, all the hassles have been paid off. 

Anyway, here is now my hair looks like after the first bleach, the "Autumn Leaves" Copper.

Copper Hair

The second and third bleach, makes me look literally legally blonde blonde !

Blonde Hair

Third visit to dye my hair to Ash Green color and violaa here it is.

Ash Green Hair

Ash Green Hair

Its an ash green shade on top and an undertone of the copper-ish color.  

Ash Green Hair

I am not sure why the greenish shade is rather camera shy, but in person, you definitely would be able to see the ash green shade.

Ash Green Hair

As for now, the color is pretty much fading off slowly, so sad. I am so in love with the color that I would be sticking to this color for a period. If you are wondering whether my hair is damaged like dry and tangles up due to the bleaching, I would say no and its still pretty soft tho. 

I am not sure whether the products I have been using make a different, but I will share my hair products in my upcoming post. Till then, goodnight and sweet dream. xoxo

 love ♥, 

I got the hardest of them all ! :(