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My Magical Akiyo Story @ Akiyo Jewellery, Fahrenheit 88

15 December 2013, marks the start of my Akiyo Story courtesy to Akiyo Jewellery and Butterfly Malaysia. This is aint any ordinary story that will start of with "Once upon a time", but instead it will go like...

Long long time ago, there is this girl who lives in the village of the Unknown, she has always been dreaming of having a charm bracelet like everyone of her rich wealthy friends, but she simply cant afford it because its like hundreds and hundreds dollar for one tiny little charm. 

On Christmas day, came a magical butterfly that flew into her house and rested on her hand. The butterfly asked her whether she believes in magic and she paused for a second and said yes. Then magical butterfly tell her, I am about to grant your wish bringing you to charm wonderland, by the name of Akiyo Jewellery ... but but but, you have to do something in return for me. Without even thinking twice, the little girl nodded her head and said yes anything for you. 

So the magical butterfly flew the girl to a magical wonderland that filled with charms....

Welcome to AKIYO Jewellery Wonderland !

In AKIYO Jewellery Wonderland, they believe Your Life is Your Story and every pieces of your Jewelry has a special story to it. This is because Akiyo, means “Bright, Clear, Sparkle”, is created to bring everyone a unique & meaningful jewellery that celebrates every special moment of your LIFE.

AKIYO’s collection is inspired by the Europe & Japan continent accessories design idea, unifies with the life concept way, experience joyful, interesting, happy and unique aesthetic interest. At the same time, the brand also can transmit in well love and the friendship shares all joy. Akiyo bringing a whole new experience in jewelry, delicate and sleek designs that are functional, practical and well made.

Once they step into the AKIYO Jewellery Wonderland, the girl was constantly reeling in the pretty looking charms, bracelet, jewellery there. Looking at the beautiful pearl collection at AKIYO, even a charm fan like herself, she has fallen in love with the bright, sparkly pearl collection at there too. Then flew in an Akiyo fairy, showing her all the pearl collection, explaining to her the story behind this new pearl concept. 

AKIYO fairy.

AKIYO Jewellery Pink Pearl Bracelet.

AKIYO Jewellery Champagne Pearl Bracelet.

AKIYO Jewellery White Pearl Bracelet.

AKIYO Jewellery White, Pink & Champagne Pearl Bracelet.

In AKIYO, all the pearls are delicately fresh water pearls that would definitely doll up your hand. The reason of introducing the new concepts of pearl jewellery in AKIYO is to diminish the perception that pearls are expensive accessories and its only affordable for the more wealthy market. All these fresh water pearls are priced at RM 189 each and it comes in 3 different color to cater to one's preference, the color is as shown above, which is the white, pink and champagne color. Besides, one can also mix and match the charm on the pearl to tell your very own AKIYO story. 

Other then charms and pearls, AKIYO wonderland has also filled with other accessories like bangles, leather bracelets, necklaces, rings, and their very own Akiyo Precious Gemstones Collection

AKIYO Jewellery Bangle.

AKIYO Jewellery Leather Bracelet.

AKIYO Jewellery Necklace.

AKIYO Jewellery Rings.

AKIYO Precious Gemstones Collection.

AKIYO Precious Red Gemstones Bracelet.

AKIYO Precious Black Gemstones Bracelet.

AKIYO Precious Pink, Red and Green Gemstones Bracelets.

The girl knew that she cant afford any of the jewellery there but still she thanked the butterfly and Akiyo fairy for bringing her to such lovely and exquisite jewellery wonderland, making her Christmas day a memorable one. Seeing such good and pretty girl leaving the Akiyo Jewellery wonderland looking so sad, the butterfly and Akiyo fairy decided to grant her with in getting a charm bracelet as her Christmas gift and she gets to choose one charm to start off her Akiyo Story too. 

AKIYO Charm Collection, RM 89 per charm.

Among all the colorful and cute looking charms that priced at RM 89 per charm, the girl opt for the Snowflake charm to remember of this lovely day of having to spend her Christmas day with the butterfly and Akiyo fairy. 

Then she lives happily ever after with the Snowflake charm bracelet.

(Hold onnn the girl promised to do something for the butterfly in return for the amazing trip. So the story has to continue.... )

The butterfly made the girl to promise to share her joy and story at the Akiyo Jewellery Wonderland with all her friends, especially the Christmas Pearl Collection so that everyone will have a pearly white Christmas like hers. 

AKIYO Christmas Pearl Collection.

AKIYO Christmas Pearl Collection.

AKIYO Christmas Pearl Collection.

AKIYO Christmas Pearl Collection.

So here she is sharing her Akiyo Story with you all, and wishing you all a Happy New Year !

- THE END :) -

Behind the Scene...

Akiyo fairy customizing the bracelet for the girl. 

The Christmas Magical Butterflies. 

The girl trying to pose with the bracelet but not sure how.  :P

Thats all from me on this NEW YEAR EVE !
Once again, wishing you all Happy New Year ! ♥

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