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Tips to Cut an Orange - MasterChef Australia Cooking Tips Off

Other than being a fashion addict, I am also a huge fan of food. Despite of my busy schedule, I would never fail to watch

MasterChef Autralia Season 5 

on Lifetime Astro Channel 709, weekday at 7pm or 11pm. The reason why I enjoy watching it is because looking at all the home cook cooking their way like a 5 stars restaurant's chef, is simply inspiring !

If you were to ask me which is my favourite episode is definitely the Heaven & Hell Mystery Box Challenge episode where home cook have to choose between Heaven which is a mystery box with all handpicked ingredients by the 3 bubbly and lovely judges Gary, Matt and George. And as for the one that chooses Hell will be making the ultimate Zumbo Macaroon Tower ! Its amazing to see how all the contestants struggled and yet manage to put on a stunning looking macaroon tower. There was this pair of contestant (Neha and Lynton) failed to  produce two colored macaroon for their macaroon tower, because Lynton has mistaken the fruit with the coloring, so their macaroon cracked. Despite of such problem in the journey, they never give up and still manage to create a macaroon tower but with only one color macaroon and having the tower that is a little shorter than others. Because if their effort, they survived from undergoing the pressure test.

Actually for me, cooking is all about creativity and never give up. In the process of cooking, you might encounter difficulties like lacking of one or two ingredients and all, but all you need is to be creative in replacing it with similar ingredients or mix and match different ingredients to create the similar texture or taste, perhaps a better one too !

I dont have the skill like all the home cook from MasterChef Australia Season 5 to make stunning 5 stars restaurant dishes but I do have a tiny little tips in cutting the perfect orange slices to share with all the orange lovers out there. Some might have already know about this but the rest might be wondering why all the time they have problem with having a whole strip of a white thread-like stuff on top of the orange slices. 

Anyway, lets start cutting the oranges.. Firstly I would show method A of slicing oranges which is the one with a whole strip of a white thread-like on top, then method B with only a tiny bit of the pith on top. 

Method A : Usually we would slice the orange through the round tip.

Method A : After slicing it into half, it would look as above. The pith will be right above the orange flesh and sometimes it gets annoying because no one likes to eat the bland pith, well at least not me. I would eventually have to peel off the pith before consuming. Not only its troublesome in eating, but also unflattering to feast the eye. 

Hence in order to avoid such unattractive orange slices, all you need to do is simply changing your method of slicing oranges.

Method B : Cut the orange in an angle that is 90 degree from the tip, as shown in the picture above. 

Method B : Walaaa... Here you have make the pith to the minimum which is only in the middle part of the orange slices. Not only that this way makes the pith only on the middle but also looks much more presentable on plate, dont you agree with me ? :)

You might be wondering the differences of the half cut orange with method A and B. As you can see from the picture above, if let say you were to cut the orange with method A, you will find a whole strip of pith in the middle but as you cut with method B, it will only have a small tiny dot of pith. 

So hopefully this tip do help you in cutting a perfect looking oranges. Bon Apetit ~

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