Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Office Style Inspired Evening Wear

Hi peeps, 
My outfit picture today was meant to be an office style but after looking at the pictures, I would rather consider this as an office style inspired evening wear due to the amount of skin shown. In Malaysia, at some point, it is still a taboo to have one wearing this to work, so nay for work but yay for party ! Blazer has always be labeled as the formal wear but when you mix and match the outfit, even a formal looking blazer could transform into an evening wear, isnt this amazing ? The perfect pair of heels to finish up my evening wear is definitely the gorgeous electric blue heels I got from Kiss and Tell. This heels has been my favourite pair of heels right now because its just so comfy ! ♥

Navy Blazer - Kitschen 
Bottom - Seqoci (here)
Envelope Clutch - Something Borrowed, Zalora
Constance Heels - Kiss N' Tell (here)
Necklace - Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Happy Tuesday ! 

P.S. For any fashion collaboration, feel free to contact me via : my_sarah90@hotmail.com. :)

 love ♥, 

Its fun digging out shit 
especially the one you are hiding from everyone ! :D


  1. really love this look Sarah! i'm a blazer fan ^_^

    1. Really ? I am too ! hahaha.. Hope this post gives you some idea in styling up your outfit with blazer.

  2. Replies
    1. ikr, the heels are from Kiss And Tell.. Go and get one for yourself then ! haha

  3. Er, evening wear means formal, no? That's why evening dresses are dress to kill and evening gown tries to be the center of attraction.

    You'd be surprise the amount of skin shown for many ladies office attire. Sometimes I wonder whether they're dressing to work or to a club. It's so common nowadays that it's already considered office wear.

    Your style of dressing above to me doesn't qualify as office attire although the blazer has the office look but due to the short pants, it's classified as semi-casual to me.

    1. evening wear is not formal, it means like those outfit for dinner or party. Oh really ? Din know they could dress up like that to work, thats new ! haha Yeah this whole outfit is meant for casual or evening wear instead, too short for office wear... :D

  4. Hi pretty! You look so cool in this pictures :) thanks for visiting my blog I am now your follower, do you mind to follow me back?

  5. aww u look gorgeous babe!! a must wear OL look! =P

  6. Great outfit my dear Sarah, this kind of style is suits you perfectly.



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