Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Beauty Diary Cosphingo - Prettier Day by Day

Every girls have a beauty diary to record all the beautiful memories or routine, to be prettier day by day. Hence in order to make the beautiful dreams come true, My Beauty Diary is here to launch their upgraded version of mask that not only could make beautiful memories but also locking down all the moisture !

My Beauty Diary with Cosphingo
~ Prettier Day by Day ~

NEW Ingredient Upgrade COSPHINGO

Cosphingo is actually a type of seaweed in the sea that has the attribute to improve skin moisture. This patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient, Cosphingo will retain all the moisture on skin to satisfy your skin's hydration needs from all aspect. It also help to regain and maintain its softness and tenderness like a baby. 

NEW Adjustable Mask

The new range of mask are adjustable, adhering cloth mask designed specially for you. With the 3D refined tailoring and texture characteristics, the new cloth mask fits your chin perfectly providing optimal adherence and comfort. Its elastic and adhesive structure would instantly infuses the skin with abundant moisture.  

NEW Eco-Friendly

This series of products are eco-friendly because it doesnt contain Paraben Preservatives, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Pigments and Fluorescent agents.   

Here are some pictures from the launch of the upgraded My Beauty Diary mask. 

Speech by May Soo, Brand Director.

Launch of the new series of Cosphingo mask.

On the spot miniature mask tryout.

Did I mention that we get to try out their new collection of Cosphingo Mask ? The best part is that they made the mask into miniature version to be tested on our hand instead of having everyone to remove their make up and try out the mask, so thoughtful of them.

Miniature My Beauty Diary mask.

Group photo.

My favourite My Beauty Diary mask - Bird Nest.

Do you know that My Beauty Diary has made it way to the Guinness World Record with 1213 people applying mask at the same time at Taiwan on 28 July 2013 ? Literally it was thousands over people having My Beauty Diary mask on together at the same hall. I am not sure about you but, I think its just AMAZING ! And a little birdy from the launch I attended earlier told me that they might be doing it at Malaysia too... 

So do stay tune for this Guinness World Record event ya !

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with that amount of people
and you could give such a exaggerated tall tale .. haish