Monday, November 4, 2013

Luau Party with Kinohimitsu !

I have no idea why, but when Butterfly Project says that we only have to post a photo with Kinohimitsu's products, this image comes into my mind. The image of having the Kinohimitsu drinks raining over me and this reminds me of the song by Pitbull - Rain Over Me, but this time around I have modified it a little to cater for this Kinohimitsu party. Hehe... * dont judge *

Girl my body dont lie, 
Show it on my bust, 
Let KINOHIMITSU rain over me ! 
Ma size rises so high, 
Out of my mind, 
So let it rain over me ! Ay ay ay..

Okay stop looking at my bust. #wtH XD

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks darling !! hahaha Hopefully I get to party with Kinohimitsu.. * finger crossed*

  2. sure u will get invited cos ur pica so cuteeeeeee.............

  3. Sarah why u so cute la? hehe! hoping to see you there babe <3

    1. I think I shall change to "Small n Cute" instead now.. haha Yeah hope to meet u again darling !!

  4. The picture didn't focus on the bust so much so it didn't capture my attention. :P

    Wouldn't the bottles hitting your head hurt if it actually did rain that way? LOL.

    1. hahaha... I am not sure thats good or bad when it didnt capture ur attention... lol
      well if the bottles do fall on me, I think I wud have blue black all on my head ! hahaha..

  5. Awwh so cute! Love the photo of you with all the Kinohimitsu raining down over you ^.^

    Best of luck dear!

    1. Thanks Shivani ! Yeah I have my finger crossed ! hahaha

  6. seriously epic! love the picture!!! cuttee!! surely u get!


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