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[review] Brazilian Waxing at Bubble Gum Wax - The Waxing Expert, Plaza Damas

I am not sure about you, but whenever the word, "waxing" pops into my mind, all I can associate with is, "PAINNNNN". So going for waxing is definitely a big fat no no for me because I dont want to put myself in pain, not just pain but painnnnnnn.

Anyway weeks ago, the Butterfly Project has organized an event entitled, 

DARE TO WAX at Bubble Gum Wax

Bubble Gum Wax, Plaza Damas

Bubble Gum Wax-The Waxing Expert

"Our goal to make you look and feel like a goddess". All our waxing and hair removal techniques are performed by hand-picked, fully trained and qualified therapist with years of experience. Waht's more important is our goal to make you look and feel like a goddess. Not only that, when you book yourself in for an appointment at the Bubble Gum Wax, you are booking yourself in for a very memorable experience. 

This event is indeed the scariest yet thrilling one that I have ever attended because everyone here will be WAXED, not any ordinary underarm waxing but the most terrifying BRAZILIAN WAXING ! I have no idea why but I signed up for the event, maybe at that moment, I was so itchy to try, but on that day itself, as I walk into the salon, a small part of me wanted to chicken out, and another part is like dont be a chicken, its just waxing, worst to worst, scream the pain off !

Bubble Gum Wax : Mugshot with Bubble Gum Wax logo before the waxing. >.<

To ease off everyone's fear before the Brazilian Waxing (because most of us there were a Brazilian Waxing Virgin), they have prepared a table full of sweet candies, 'buttock with g-string' biscuits and chilling ice-cream.

Bubble Gum Wax : Chilling Ice-Cream

Bubble Gum Wax : Various Topping for the Ice-Cream

Bubble Gum Wax : 'Buttock with G-String' Biscuit

For me, this yummylicious feast felt pretty much like "THE LAST SUPPER", the very last meal that you get before entering into the world of terror ! Muahahahaha

Bubble Gum Wax : Sample Goodies Box Design

It was very thoughtful of Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project to organize a mini contest while waiting for our turn to be "Slaughter", which is to design our very own goodies bag/box to store our goodies like a Bubble Gum Wax Mug, After Waxing Cream, Aloe Vera Lotion, Hygiene Wipe, Cash Voucher and etc. Picture above is the sample design of the goodies box, and all we need to do is to wrap our shoe box (which we was told to bring along) with the brown wrapping paper and start scribbling and decorating on it.

Bubble Gum Wax : Jesslyn explaining on the products

Bubble Gum Wax :  Our goodies

As Jesslyn call out for my name, I was a little startled because I never thought that I would be among the first 5 to be slaughtered ! Frankly speaking, every step of mine toward the "Room of Terror" aka Waxing Room was trembling, crying for pain.

Bubble Gum Wax : The Waxing Room (or better known as Room of Terror).

Bubble Gum Wax : The Waxing Tools (or better known as Weapon of Terror).

Bubble Gum Wax : Before Waxing Expression >.<

Bubble Gum Wax : After Waxing Expression :D

A Virgin's Waxing Experience 

To my surprise, the whole Brazilian Waxing (removing all the hair on your pubic area, even the one on your buttock) experience was indeed a memorable and fun one. Honestly, for a virgin like me, I was petrified when the therapist walks into the room with her mask, gloves on and with me lying on the bed, it really gives me a feeling like as tho I am all ready to be slaughter ! Knowing that its my first Brazilian Waxing, the therapist at Bubble Gum Wax started to talk and crack some jokes with me although it was sort of lame, to lighten up my mood. She even explained to me on how much of pain and how the whole process will be, so that I wouldnt not be fearful of the unknown. 

So here comes the waxing. For the waxing part, I would personally say its just a pain level of 3/10, well it actually all depends on one's pain tolerance level. Everyone would think that the excruciating pain is on the removal part, but actually the most excruciating part is where the therapist applies the hot wax on your pubic area. Because the hot wax needs to be literally hot hot, preventing it from hardening, so as she spread it hot wax on me, I could feel a sense of heat in contact with my body, like as tho I have accidentally turn on the water heater to the max and I sort of burn my skin with it. 

This heat burning on skin will only be there for less than 5 seconds, and then it followed by a fast and precise "ZAPP", removing the hardened wax along with all the hair. After removing all the pubic hair, the therapist will apply a layer of cooling cream on it to reduce the after-waxing soreness (frankly, no sore for me at all). I am not sure about you guys, but for me, I would say the therapist is indeed a professional one because she has made my Brazilian Waxing experience close to a painless one ! Thumbs up for Bubble Gum Wax !

P.S. Oh yeah, it is preferable for one to wear skirt for Brazilian Waxing so that it reduces the friction between your pubic area and thigh, that might cause soreness to it.

Would I come back to Bubble Gum Wax for their waxing services ?


After everyone has gone through the terror of waxing, its the prize giving ceremony for the Best & Most Creative Goodie Bag and I am honored to be selected as the 2nd runner up for it ! 

Bubble Gum Wax : Grand Prize Winner - Teo Chin Lu (here)

Bubble Gum Wax : 1st Runner Up Winner - Angeline (here)

Bubble Gum Wax : 2nd Runner Up Prize Winner - Me (here)

Bubble Gum Wax : My Parcel Inspired Box

Bubble Gum Wax : Group Photo with all Hairless Bloggers :D.

I would love to have everyone of you to try the services there, but I dont have that much of money to buy all of you a Brazilian Waxing there, so I am giving away cash voucher I have received from the goodies to my lovely readers. At least you get RM 20 off from the services there ...

2 x RM 20 Cash Voucher from Bubble Gum Wax

GIVEAWAY : Bubble Gum Wax RM 20 Cash Voucher

All you have to do is

1. Follow my blog.
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As simple as that ! :D

Terms and Conditions:-
1. Giveaway ends on 23 Nov 2013 (Saturday), 11:59pm.
2. The [2] Winners will be randomly selected and announced on my facebook page by 24 Nov 2013 (Sunday).
3. Email will also be sent out to the winners.
4. Bubble Gum Wax RM 20 Cash Voucher valid till 20 Jan 2014.
5. Voucher can be redeemed by both Female & Male customers. 
6. Voucher can only be used for redeeming Bubble Gum Wax services of any body parts.

For more information, kindly visit :-

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