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Dao Kia Soy Dessert @ LG, One Utama

They always say that we have a different column or section in the stomach that cater specially for dessert, no matter how fulfilling the main course or meal is, we will definitely have room for dessert. And I am so guilty of that, there will always a room for dessert, especially such healthy ones from ...

DAO KIA Soy Dessert !
- one bowlful of happiness -

Dao Kia (Hokkien for Soy Boy) has found its name at Singapore, the essence of a popular Singaporean beancurd dessert has been successfully enraptured and brought over to the heart of Klang Valley by two siblings who coincidentally tried this local delicacy during their trip in Singapore.

This lovely soy dessert aint any ordinary Tao Fu Fa that you can get from anywhere, its so much better and the best part is that it comes with various flavors ! The soy pudding dessert has a delicate, silky texture and sweet-smelling taste. All of the ingredients are used to formulate this soy pudding are of quality ingredients sourced locally and also from Singapore.  

Let me start of my introducing my favourite Soy Pudding from Dao Kia. No doubt my favourite its certainly the Japanese Green Tea Silky Soy Pudding !

Dao Kia : Japanese Green Tea Soy Pudding RM 3.60

Japanese Green Tea soy pudding not only has a 'just nice' green tea taste to it, it also has an aromatic green tea flavor to it, just the way I like. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to all green tea lovers out there !

Dao Kia : Original Soy Pudding RM 3.60

As for the Original Soy, it has the flavored like Tau Fu Fa but the texture is not as runny as Tau Fu Fa and it doesnt give a powdery after taste on your tongue, it just glides down my mouth fabulously !

Dao Kia : Coconut Bliss Soy Pudding RM 3.60

According to them, Coconut Bliss Soy Pudding is either a hit or miss. For me its personally more of a miss because I dont fancy coconut made products. But if you are a fan of coconut flavors dessert, then its indeed a hit for you because the coconut flavor to it was very concentrated. 

Dao Kia : Creamy Almond Soy Pudding RM 3.60

Creamy Almond Soy Pudding is either a hit or miss too and its a HIT for me ! This smooth pudding are highly-flavored with almond flavor, reminds me very much of the almond powder milk that my mom would make for me at home. I am amazed with the consistent texture of the soy pudding, all of the soy pudding has Silky Smooth and Delicate consistency to it.   

Every season Dao Kia adds and remove different flavors from the menu to keep its customers on their feet and always awaiting for new flavors. The few flavors which have been done are Belgian Chocolate, Coffee, Teh Tarik flavor. As for this month, the new flavor of the month is nothing but the Mocha flavor. 

Dao Kia : Mocha Soy Pudding (flavor of the month) RM 3.60

This is indeed a unique and new flavor that I have ever tried for soy pudding. The Mocha Soy Pudding has a silky smooth texture that come with rather strong mocha taste to it.

Other than Soy Pudding, Dao Kia also offers 3 different flavors (Original Soy, Creamy Almond, and Japanese Green Tea) of Silky Soy Milk and Soy Smoothie. 

Dao Kia : Original Soy Milk RM 2.80

Every sip of the original soy is certainly thirst-quenching. For some this might be a little bland or perhaps less sugar but for me its just nice, because I personally would order every drinks to be 'kurang manissss' (less sugar) when I am given the option. 

Glutinous rice ball is also one of the most favorable dessert in their menu. The Glutinous rice balls comes in 3 flavors too, which is the Azuki Red Bean, Molten Peanut, and Toasty Black Sesame. 

Dao Kia : Toasty Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball RM 5.90

Each bite of the Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball, you can feel the black sesame paste enveloped by the chewy glutinous rice ball oozing out of it, filling your mouth with the aromatic black sesame paste. Definitely a MUST TRY !

Dao Kia : Fragrant Lotus Steamed Bun RM 1.60

There are 3 different flavor of steamed bun from Dao Kia, which is the Azuki Red Bean, Fragrant Lotus and last but not least Malaysian's all time favorite Pandan Kaya flavor.

Dao Kia is currently available at One Utama, Tropicana City Mall and Kota Damansara. Do drop by and get yourself FREE SAMPLES or a bowlful of silky smooth soy pudding that is perfect for a scorching day ! Yummmmm...

DAO KIA is a MOUS-TRY ('must-try') !

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