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[tutorial x review] Medium Gyaru Make Up with Amoyamo Lashes - Rocabilly Eyemazing

Everyone says that eye is the window to a soul and I strongly agree with that because I believe the eye is where the very first interaction between each other before we even start talking and also that is where we cloud it with tears of joy and sadness. That's why in the latest Japanese make up trend - the Gyaru make up (aka Japanese Street Make Up) is typically characterized with the extremely dramatic eye make up and the heavily bleached blonde or dyed hair. 

Hence I am here to share with you, my little tutorial in creating the Medium Gyaru Make Up (except for the blonde hair), featuring the ... 

Amoyamo Eyemazing Lashes - No. 8207 Rocabilly 

You might be wondering what is so special about the Amoyamo Lashes and why do I have to feature it in the Gyaru Make Up tutorial. The thing is that Amoyamo Lashes is not the ordinary dull black lashes that we usually use, because dull black is so past tense. 

Now the Amoyamo Lashes No. 8207 - Rocabilly comes with dual tone ! Yup DUAL TONE means two colors, which is the Vintage Brown for the inner lashes and Cherry Red for the outer lashes (as shown in the picture above). This was my very first time seeing such colorful lashes and it got me so excited that I just cant wait to start the tutorial to put it on !

Okay stop beating around the bust and lets begin... ♥

My BEFORE make up look.

Step 1 : Apply eye shadow on your eyelid. Preferable to opt for the shimmery type of eye shadow to create a more dramatic effect to your eyes. 

Step 2 : Apply eyeliner to tight-line your eyes to create a rounder and bigger eye.

I would usually draw the eyeliner a little higher and followed by a mini wing but that is up to ones preference.

Step 3 : Apply Amoyamo Eyemazing Lashes.

Here are some tips for you when you are removing your lashes from the casing. (got these tips from the workshop earlier, here).

Tip 1 : Use the thumb to slide the lashes downwards to remove it from the casing instead of pulling it off from one end to the other, so that the shape and curvature of the lashes will not be affected.

Tip 2: Massage the lashes root gently by bending it front and back so it will curve easier according to the curve of your eyes.

Sorry I cant zoom anymore further in but you would be able to see the tiny knot with your naked eyes when you are holding the lashes on your hand.

Tip 3 : Use scissors to cut off the tiny little knot at each end of the lashes to have it more comfortable on your eyes.

Cut the lashes according to the size of your eyes and then apply a thin layer of glue on the root. Let it dry for a 1 to 2 seconds before positioning it on your eyes. I would usually opt by putting it from the outer lid towards the inner lid, so I could have a denser lashes position right on the joint between my upper and lower lid. Well that is up to ones preference too. 

Step 4 : Finish up with blusher and some lip color.

Walaa here you go.

My AFTER the Medium Gyaru Make Up with Amoyamo Eyemazing Lashes.

Eyemazing Gyaru Eye Make Up with Amoyamo Dual Tone Lashes.

*wink wink* ;)

kawaii des ? ♥

*Typical peace pose* :D

The color of the lashes is naturally stunning, I never have thought that DUAL Tone lashes would look nice, but now I guess I am wrong because I just cant stop playing with it !

If you are keen in experimenting with the EYEMAZING DUAL TONE AMOYAMO lashes, you may get your it from selected Watson for only RM 69.90 (5 pairs of lashes). Its definitely a deal to steal because each pair of lashes cost ONLY RM 14.50 and the best part is that you get it in TWO TONEs !

Hurry up and Gyaru on now !

Disclaimer : Product is sponsored but review is based on my personal experience.


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