Friday, November 1, 2013

Tattoo, Ink On Me

It was last year if I am not mistaken that tattoo legging has been like the new thing in fashion, tho its not literal new but just reinventing new designs and pattern that can be worn for a casual occasion. So during that peak season, I also scored myself a pair of tattoo legging when I was at Ladies Market, Hong Kong a year back. Although I was pretty keyed up scoring it but little do I know that I will only be wearing it a year later. Oh yes, this is my very first time wearing the tattoo leggings which is sort of off season, but who cares, as long as I like it because sometimes dressing up is all about comfort and mood. 

Bowler Hat - Chatuchak Market Bangkok
Loose One Piece Shirt - Kitschen
Tattoo Legging - Ladies Market, Hong Kong
Oxford Booties - Mines Shopping Mall
Sling Bag - Espirit
Candy Arm Bracelet - DIVA

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