Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[review] Worthy Book - Ladies Edition : New York Skin Solution x TNS Skin Lab

Worthy Book has come out with a Ladies Edition after the successful Food and Beverage Edition that have created a rave among all Malaysian with numerous free and discounted food voucher to pampers all Malaysian tummy. 

Now the 

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 

is just what all girls need to pamper themselves once in a while after their busy and tiring lifestyle or work. In the Worthy Book Ladies Edition, the team has compiled various attractive 1 year long deals & freebies from popular brands that are could pamper you from head to toe, which includes facial, make up, skincare, fashion, accessories, waxing, manicure, pedicure, massages, spa and many more..

"Over RM 12,000 in discounts & freebies. Use 110+ vouchers at over 50 shopping malls in Malaysia. "

All thanks to Worth Book Ladies Edition, I get to book myself a few facial appointments from prestigious skincare brand for FREE, like literally FOC ! So last Monday, I headed down to New York Skin Solution for my first time to redeem my FREE treatment worth RM 400 and it comes along with some product kits worth RM 68 too. 

With the Worthy Book Ladies Voucher, all I need to do to redeem the FREE treatment is just to call in and make my reservation 3 days in advance and off I go for a pampering facial session.  

Before the facial treatment in New York Skin Solution, the beautician did a in depth skin analysis to explain on my skin condition since it was my first visit to New York Skin Solution. Then it followed by some recommendation on the type of facial that is suitable for my current skin condition and concern.

I decided on the Collagen Facial Treatment because apparently my skin is losing collagen according to the skin analysis and also because I have never tried a Collagen Facial Treatment in the past. So Yay ! 

Peace, getting ready for my facial ! :D

After the facial, I do feel a sense of relieve like as tho I have a long night sleep ! And as for my skin, it has gotten firmer after a series of massage with the collagen essence and the facial machine. =)

As soon as I have done my facial, its time to lavish some care on my body. So I set off to TNS Skin Lab to get myself a bar of organic MAGNOLIA & GREEN TEA TILLEY soap for only RM 5 (Original Price : RM 12). Yes its only RM 5 without any conditional purchase at all ! A total of 58% saving with Worthy Book Ladies Edition voucher, thats just awesome. 

TNS Skin Lab has a range of Tilley Soap for me to choose from like Lavender, Lychee, Coconut, Fig and my favourite Magnolia & Green Tea ! For being a green tea fanatic like me, I would definitely opt for the MAGNOLIA & GREEN TEA, duhhh. 

Buying with the Worthy Book Ladies Edition voucher reminds me of the Extreme Couponing because its a deal to steal for getting the Tilley vegetable soap for only RM 5, when its NP is RM 12 !

Hunting down my next spa, massage, facial or pedicure salon. :D

A big fat thanks to Worth Book for come out with such beautifully amazing deals for girls. ♥ Get your Worthy Book Ladies Edition before it runs out at your nearest book store or magazine stand ya. 

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Disclaimer : Product is sponsored but review is based on my personal experience. 

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